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Thiruppavai - Pasuram 1 - Margazhi Thingal

Goda Devi or Andal determined to possess Lord Krishna as her husband and, for this purpose, she started this auspicious pavai ritual of performing a Vratham. She composed 30 lyrics singing the glories of and in dedication to God.  She worshiped Lord Krishna in the form of Vatapatrasaayee for one full month. She gathers her companions also in the process so as to bestow them also with the gift of Lord's companionship.

For this purpose, she considered her birthplace (Srivilliputhur) as Gokulam and her father's temple (Vatapathrasayi temple) as Krishna's home and herself as a gopi.

Andal composed this Thiruppavai in a very magnificent, ecstatic manner, filling each pasuram with in-depth spiritual and intellectual knowledge with beautiful descriptions. There are so much of in-depth hidden meanings and blissful revelations made in each of these paasurams.

I am trying to fill some light on each of these paasurams in a very simple way with my own humble efforts.

Paasuram 1 of Thiruppavai

Maargazhi thhingaL madhi nirainda nannaaLaal
Neeraada ppOdhuveer pOdumino neriLaiyeer
Seermalgum aayppaadi chelva chchiru meergaaL
KoorvEl kodunthozhian NandagOpan kumaran
Eraarnda kaNNi Yasodai iLamsingam
KaarmenichengaN kadir madiyambol mugathhaan
NaaraayaNane namakke Parai tharuvaan
PaarOr pugazhappadindeLor embaavaay

The outer explicit meaning of this paasuram is as follows:
On this auspicious Margazhi month's full moon day like time, oh you, the well ornamented (jewel-like) girls, let us (whoever wants to) go to Aayppaadi (Gokulam, the residential village of Krishna)) that is full of virtues and wealth and is the abode of noble people and Lord Krishna Himself, to take the holy bath.
He (Krishna) is the son of King Nandagopan, who holds a sharp spear always to protect his people, and, is (like) the lion-cub of beautiful-eyed Yasodha.
Krishna whose complexion is like dark clouds and whose face is like vibrant Sun and pleasing Moon, that Lord Narayana Himself will grant us the Parai (a musical instrument).
Please see it yourself by chanting this, O my dear friends.

The inner, in-depth meaning of this Paasuram 1 of Thiruppavai

This first paasuram of thiruppavai refers to the great love and attachment of God towards his devotees and his unquestionable commitment towards protecting them from ignorance and evil forces of the universe. It asserts that just like moonlight drives away darkness from the world, God's grace will protect them from all worldly evils and gift them with moksha.

The auspicious month of Margazhi refers to a celestial period (early morning time) of the heavens. She asserts that Lord will definitely listen to them and reward each of them whoever pray to Him at such holistic time with a sincere determination and self-control in his thoughts and acts.

So, through this first paasuram, Goda Devi asserts that Lord Narayan is the only savior of our worldly materialistic life and His grace should be attained to get salvation and possess his shelter.

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