Monday, December 25, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram 11 - Katru Karavai

This 11th Paasuram of Thiruppavai is about the awakening of a brave, virtuous (blemishless) daughter of the cattle baron.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 11

KatRu kkaRavai kkaNangaL palakaRundhu
SetRaar thiRalazhiya chenRu seruscheyyum
KutRamonRillaadha kOvalar tam paarkodiyE
Puththaraval kul punamayilE pOdharaay
suTraththu thOzhimaar ellarum vandhu, nin 
mutRam pukundhu mukila vaNNan pEr paada,
SiththaadhE pEsaadhe selva ppendaatti, nee
ettRukkuRangum poruLElOr embaavaay.

Outer, Explicit Meaning of Pasuram 11 of Thiruppavai

Oh, Golden Creeper of all maidens born in the superior clan of cowherds who can milk even the strongest of the cows without any assistance, who can fight with the enemies alone and defeat them, and who are blemishless in their thoughts and deeds! Oh, precious shining gem with the peacock-like beauty and with the wide cobra-hood like hips!

All your kinswomen and friends have come and standing here in front of your house singing the songs of praise of our Lord who is blue-hued like the blue sky.

Why are you neither moving nor talking and keeping yourself immersed in such a deep trance, oh beautiful precious gem of ours! Please get up, my dear.

The Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasuram 11

Through this Paasuram, Goda Devi describes the good qualities of this Gopi who is being awakened. She is a well illuminated maiden in the knowledge of Paramatma as she has drunk the milk of jnanam from her AchAryas which they have obtained from their own AchAryas and through a deep research of the Vedas and Upanishads.

These AchAryas are always ready to impart the Veda saaram and jnaanam to their deserving shishyas who come to them relinquishing the laziness and material indulgences.

You are a blemishless deserving candidate for the receipt of this knowledge as you are already immersed in deep knowledge of the God and are already shining like the crown of a dancing beautiful peacock. Further, you are very humble and gentle like the majestic huge cobra which shrinks itself when about to enter into its abode in the earth. So, get up from your deep sleep and receive the moksha jnanam from your great AchaAryas who are waiting to provide you the support you require.

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