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Thiruppavai Pasuram 12 - Kanaithilam Katrerumai

In this 12th paasuram of Thiruppavai, Goda Devi awakens another gopi who is the sister of a noble virtuous brother of her that always kept the company of Sri Krishna like a shadow of him performing his duties. So, this one day, he had to neglect his daily duty of milking the cows and go out in performing the work of Sri Krishna.

Thiruppavai Pasuram 12

Kanaithilam katReRumai kanRukkirangi
Ninaiththu muzhaivazhiyE ninRu paal sOra
Naniththillaam sERaaRkkum naRchselvan tanGaay!
Paniththalai veezha nin vaasaR kadai patRi
Sinaththinaal tennilangkkai kOmaanai setRa
Manaththukkini yaanai paadavum nee vaay tiRavaay
Iniththaan ezhundhiraay eedhenna pErurakkam
Anaiththillaththaarum aRindhelOr embaavaay.

Outer, Explicit Meaning of the Pasuram 12 of Thiruppavai

O young sister of the prosperous cowherd, whose cows spilled continuous flows of milk from their udders experiencing as if feeding their unfed calfs!

So, your front yard has become very slushy and muddy with the flowing milk due to which we are unable to enter your doorstep thereby waiting outside even though the cold dew is drenching our heads.

And, we are singing the glories of Lord Rama to our heart's satisfaction who killed with great anger the Southern Lanka King.

Even then, you are not opening your mouth.

At least get up now. Why this deep sleep?

Even all the neighbors are becoming aware. Oh, my Dear!

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Pasuram 12

In the previous paasuram, it was mentioned that milking of cows is the duty of a cowherd which he should do. But, here, the referred cow has not been milked and the cowherd had gone on awork of Lord Krishna. Thereby, Goda Devi signifies the importance of Bhagavad Kaimkaryam. God's work is more important than one's duty. One should perform the service of God first and then only attend to his routine duties.

The udders overflowing and spilling refer to the flow of Jnanamrutam (the nectar of knowledge) that flows in abundance from an enlightened soul (the AchArya) to quench the thirst of good disciples or students (seeking it).

The other gopis held up outside might not yet have been fully eligible to receive that illuminated supreme knowledge and hence held up unable to enter.

Goda Devi stresses that one should be fully immersed in the devotion to God even discarding his worldly duties so as to receive the eternal bliss of God's companionship by breaking the shackles of laziness, ignorance, and material enjoyments.

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