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Thiruppavai Pasuram 13 - Pullin Vaai Keendanai

In this 13th Pasuram of Thiruppavai, Andal awakens a gopi who already had experienced the company of Lord Krishna for a short while on a previous occasion. This particular girl is lying on her bed deeply immersed in the nostalgic thoughts of Lord's company thereby ignoring to get up from her bed and prepare for the Pavai Vrat ceremony that was pre-planned by her group of gopis.

Thiruppavai Pasuram 13

PuLLin vaay keeNdaanai pollaavarakkanai
KiLLi kkaLaindhaanai keerthimai paadippOy
PiLLaigaL ellaarum paavai kaLambukkaar
VeLLi ezhundhu viyaazhamuRangitRu
PuLLum silambinakaaN pOdharik kaNNinaay
KuLLakkuLir kudainthu neeraadaadhE
PaLLikkidaththiyO paavaay nee nannaaLaal
KaLLam thavirndhu kalandhElOr embaavaay

Outer, Explicit Meaning of this Pasuram 13

After breaking the beak of BakAsura and the heads of Ravana, Krishna and Rama had killed them.

  • Singing these glorious deeds of those Krishna and Rama, our companions have already reached the place of taking our bath for the Pavai Vrat.

The Venus star already arose and the Jupiter had set.

O, Beautiful Deer-like and charming-eyed girl!

Without dipping yourself, again and again, to take the bath in the ice-cold waters, passing time by laying on the bed; is it proper?

Discard your loneliness and come with us, Oh Dear girl.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Pasuram 13

The implicit meaning of this Paasuram is about the great qualities of the AchAryan (teacher) and the need for the purification of body and mind of the Shishyan or the student receiving the knowledge from his Guru.

The AchAryan is addressed as the great personality who has defeated his senses and weaknesses through the deep knowledge possessed from his illuminated soul.

The student should seek the AchAryan company by discarding his laziness and the wavering thoughts of his mind. This can be done by taking bath in ice-cold water and reciting the names of God or by thinking about his AchAryan's good qualities.

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