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Thiruppavai Paasuram 5 - Mayanai Mannu Vadamadurai

This Paasuram is the 5th and the last one of the first pentad describing the ways of performing this Pavai Vrat.

Through this paasuram, Goda Devi stimulates confidence in the minds of those Gopis who are doubtful regarding the successful performance of the Vrat.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 5

Maayanai mannu vadamadurai maindanai
Ththooya peruneer yamunai ththuRaivanai
Aayar kulaththinil thOnRum maNiviLakkai
Thaayai kudal viLakkam seydha Daamodaranai
ThooyOmaay vandhu naam thoomalar thooviththozhudhu
Vaayinaal paadi manaththinaal sindhikka
PpOyapizhaiyum pugutharuvaan inRanavum
Theeyinil thooshaagum seppElOr embaavaay

Outer, Explicit Meaning of this Paasuram

Goda Devi tells that Lord Krishna is a mysterious God who took birth as a brave, courageous child in North Madhura.

He is considered as the Lord of the sacred, holy river Yamuna where he played.

Let us worship Him, the glowing lamp and prince of cowherds clan.

He, who illuminated Yasodha's womb and has been tied with a rope around his waist.

Let us worship Him with sincerity and by offering purest homegrown flowers.

Pray by singing with mouth and concentrating with the mind.

By doing so, all our previous sins and wrongdoings will vanish like the cotton thrown into a fire.

So, come, let us sing in praise of His name.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasuram 5

The in-depth meaning of this paasuram leads us to the Supernatural miracles performed by God as Sri Krishna and Narayana. His amazing deeds at North Madurai, Gokulam, and Brindavan as a child and a young man are possible for him only.

Vadamadhurai refers to the real abode of Vishnu which is Vaikuntham. He played many tricks on people keeping them in an artificial world of Maya. He played with the Gopis in the Yamuna river. Allowed his mother to tie up him to a rock mortar and then dragged the mortar through trees liberating two bhaktas of him. The rope marks on his waist made his name as Damodaran.

So, let us worship this God with pure heart and devotion, offering the homegrown flowers like Tulasi pushpam which is dearest to him. Sing prayers in his praise and meditate on his greatness so that he will lead us from innocence to knowledge and bliss by destroying the sins and any hindrances in our path.

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