Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Blessing Mantra in Sanskrit: Shatamanam Bhavati Shloka

This blessing mantra is most popular at all weddings and worship rituals in our Hindu life.

But most of us do not know the full meaning of what it says. We simply understand that it is a blessing with some good wishes for your prolonged life.

I am producing this sloka along with its full meanings in the below lines.

It is actually a sloka of two lines. But, mostly, we are accustomed to using only the second line of it during most of those blessing ceremonies.

Blessing Sloka

rOchanO rOchamAnaH, sObhanaH sObhamAnaH kaLyANaH |

shathamAnam bhavathi shathAyuH purushaH shatEndriya AyushyEvEndriyE prathitishtathi ||

Blessing Mantra as above in Hindi/ Sanskrit script

रोचनो रोचमानः शोभनो शोभमानः कल्याणः |
शतमानम भवति शतायुः पुरुषः शतेन्द्रिय आयुष्येवेन्द्रियेः प्रतितिष्ठति ||

The entire meaning of this blessing is as follows:

The person uttering this sloka wishes the person that is being blessed with a life of 100 springs in one lifetime; and that too with fully functioning Indhriyams (senses) during that lifetime; and to have all the faculties established fully intact in order to observe the daily chores demanded by life; and to pursue the virtuous way of life be it in the physical, mental, social or spiritual realms.

The word to word meaning is as follows:

1st Line

rOchano = in beauty
rOchamanaH = be beautiful
sObhano = in glow
sObhamAnaH = be glowing
kaLyaNaH = be noble and generous

2nd Line

shata = hundred
maanam = a measurement or unit of standard
bhavathi = let it be so
shata aayuh = hundred in age
Purusha = person or the life
shata + indriya = hundred and senses
ayushyEva = healthy
indriyE = the senses
pratitishtati = be established

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