Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Stop Crimes - A Study of Causes and Remedies for Crimes

The ongoing incidents of bomb blasts, rapes, and other violent incidents, again and again, reminds us of the brutal nature and heinous mentality innate among human beings. In spite of all our harsh measures and precautions, we are unable to control this part of human nature. Man becomes so much violent that you can't stop him. We become helpless in such circumstances and can only pray to God to calm him and give him a little bit of good mentality.

Weaknesses of Man

Every man possesses this bad element in him whether it may be very nominal or vast. But most of us are able to assess what is right and wrong and thereby able to control this bad element from being expressed explicitly. Even then, at times, we are unable to have full control over it and express it through our anger or some violent acts like quarreling and beating, etc. Most of us may be considering these things as normal human behavior and are not worried about it.

Lack of Self-Control

But, some men do not have even the slightest amount of this capacity to judge what is right and what is wrong. And, thereby, they are unable to control themselves. That is why they act very emotionally and wickedly. They will not be thinking about the after effects of their behavior. Simply, they act spontaneously. Some of them may be repenting for their behavior later. But most of them do not have even the sense that they have done something wrong. They do not at all think of it and forget it immediately.

Mental Problems and Environmental Factor

Now, these type of men are to be considered as mentally ill, underdeveloped, and not capable of living or adjusting to their surroundings. That's why they often try to exhibit their feelings violently. Most of these cases may be due to the environmental conditions in which they are brought up, the circles they live in and interact with; the education and training that they receive from unsocial elements and might also be due to their poor economic conditions which are creating jealousy and hatred. All these factors make these men be insensitive, irrational, cruel, and helpless. They are more worried about their present condition and so, lose control over their senses thereby acting spontaneously. This makes them do all those bad things for some immediate gains.

Ignorance and Lack of Awareness/ Support

So, it needs that we should try to inculcate some awareness and healthy feelings among these men to make them understand what is right and wrong or good and bad. These people require proper education and guidance from their families, friends, relatives, communities, and organizations. From the beginning itself, they should be taught to be rational, kind, and good-natured. For this, they should be given assistance, care, love, and support in all their weaknesses thereby developing a good mental health in them. They should be given all psychological guidance needed to recover themselves. This can make them realize their weaknesses and faults and help them restrain from committing crimes.

Remedies to Stop Crimes

The immediate step that we must take is to eradicate this bad element of brutal thoughts from men by giving them proper guidance, assistance, and love.

Unless all of us determine to eradicate evils from the roots of our society, the crimes cannot be controlled or stopped.

By simply providing tighter securities or making the criminal laws more stringent, we cannot solve this problem.

We need to work out from the root causes and circumstances of crimes.

Need to nullify those fundamental roots by taking preventive steps and by imparting a proper awareness of basic moral values and human values from the early stages of their growth.                     

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Agnipoolu - A Mega TV serial In Telugu Language: An Introduction

Like the big hit  Mogalirekulu, another mega tv serial based on the story of Yuddhanapudi SulochanaRani, Agnipoolu has been on air on Gemini TV prime time slot, immediately preceding the Mogalirekulu telecast time ie. from 8 pm. to 8:30 pm. 

This Telugu serial is also going to be a marvelous hit like Mogalirekulu in all aspects with the brilliant direction of Manjula Naidu and superb scene creations by Bindu Naidu.

"Agnipulu" literally means "Fire Flowers". They can face sun's heat and wild storms and yet stand fresh and still on the branches without losing their softness and brilliant shine. The tree also gives shelter to many lives until it can. The characters of the four girls are symbolized as "fire flowers" trying to do something always for the good of society with their great intentions, honesty, and perseverance.

The story of Agnipoolu revolves around four young college freshers Rajyalakshmi, Mythili, Neelaveni, and Sonia. It portrays the deeply bonded friendship between these four girls based on pure love and affection for each other. Even though they were brought up in different cultures and atmospheres, they are so deeply bonded to each other that classes and castes do not come in between them. They share every moment of joy with each other and are ever ready to help one another in moments of grief.

The story started in a village Suravaram with a love affair between Govind, a lecturer, and his student Parvathi. As Parvathi belonged to a high-class family, her marriage was fixed with one Swamidas(son of a rich village head of Suravaram village), who later becomes M.P. As Swamidas comes to know of the love affair, he manages to kidnap Govind master with the help of an S.I., and manages to put him in an unknown cell of Cherlapally Jail under life-term imprisonment. Nobody was aware of this. As Parvati was pregnant, her mother conceals the fact from others by keeping her away from home for some months till delivery period. The child was stealthily taken away from Parvathi and she was told that a dead child was born to her. After that Parvathi was convinced to marry Swamidas through emotional blackmailing by her parents.

Rajyalakshmi has no father. Her mother is everything for her. Even though she is working as HR in a big company where the wife of M.P Swamidas (Parvathi) is M.D., she still behaves like a child with her mother. Her action is worth watching. MD Parvathi gets attracted at the beauty and innocence of this girl and decides to marry her son Viren to this girl. She disclosed her wish to Rajalakshmi's mother also. But Swamidas wanted to marry his son Viren with the daughter of a big industrialist friend. So he plots for the elimination of Rajyalakshmi from the scene by creating an accident when verbal warnings to her mother failed. While Rajyalakshmi was in office, her mother comes to her in a fear to take her to temple for praying to God. But the brakes of their car were got tampered by Swamidas's men and Rajyalakshmi gets brain injury in the accident and is admitted to a hospital.

Mythili is an orphan and running an ashram with the salary she gets by working in a company. She has a childhood friend Shyam who went abroad many years ago for studies and returns to India and established a big advertising agency. He gathers information regarding his childhood friend Mythili somehow but wanted to know whether she still remembers and loves him. He makes Facebook friends with her and interacts. But he wanted to confirm before advancing. So he enters into the field with a changed look and name to test her. He meets her boss on the pretext of making some contracts with the company. Mythili did not recognize him and keeps indifferent. She gets annoyed as he follows her. She thinks him to be a characterless person. He discloses his identity to her as her childhood friend Shyam. But she did not believe him at first and when she was made to believe that he is her childhood Shyam, she breaks. She thinks he had cheated her and is not moral. She tells him to get away from her life. Later, when she realizes that all this was done only to get nearer to her, she repents but by that time Shyam leaves the country.

Neelaveni is the daughter of a newspaper owner/editor. She works in a TV channel as a news reader. Her interest in books and other fields make her come in contact with a young lawyer Pruthvi, who has just started his career. He is an angry young man worried at the crimes in society. He is fascinated by Neelaveni's tastes and thoughts. As he thinks himself to be an orphan, he finds pleasure and intimacy in Neelaveni's company. Even though he is more emotional and very intimate with Govind Master who is in Cherlapally Jail and regards him as his most close acquaintance and an elderly respectable person, he is unaware that he is his own father as this fact is being kept very secret by Govindji fearing danger to his life.

Sonia is interested in the modeling career. But her parents who are both doctors and running their own hospital, wanted her to work with them. Sonia does not like this and fearing force by father, she leaves the house to return to them only after achieving her goal. In the pursuit, she enters Mumbai and gets trapped in the hands of some bad intent people in fleeing from whom, she gets caught by police who mistook her for a prostitute. However, with the help of a gentle young man Abbas, she gets out of all these dangers and lives in his protection. With his efforts, she gets some appointments with the big advertising agency boss, Shyam who might help her in achieving her goal.

Now, we have to watch how many turns the story will take. Whether Rajyalakshmi and her young boss Viren get married and lead a happy life? 

Whether Prithvi Teja is able to recognize his father and gets acquainted with all the happenings?

Whether Parvathi recognizes Prithvi to be her son? 

Whether Prithvi and Neelaveni get knotted up? 

What is the fate of Mythili and Shyam? 

Whether Sonia succeeds in achieving her dream and who is going to be her life partner? 

Whether the deep bondedness and love between all these four young women last till the end? 

To get answers to all these questions watch the Telugu daily serial Agnipoolu on Gemini tv.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

If I could Relive a Moment of My Life

 If I could relive a moment of my life!...

I would have groomed my voice into a manly (harsher) voice at that teenage transcending period!!

If I could relive a moment of my life...!

I would not have let bewilderment enter into my conscience in selecting my voice at that important moment!!!

If I could relive a moment of my life...

I would have employed my rational mind to take the decision in the right direction.

I would not have let the childish fear complex to come in between my choice of the thin feminine voice as my default voice instead of the transforming harsher one, getting bewildered at the changes in my voice.

If I could relive a moment of my life,

I would have looked at other my guys and taken a better decision in choosing my voice.

I would not have let it bewilder at the changing sound of my voice and choose the ever habitual childish thin voice to continue instead of adapting to the changing manly harsher voice.

If I could relive that moment of my life...,

I would not have had to suffer all these humiliations all through my life because of the wrong decision of keeping this childish (feminine) voice as my permanent voice. Alas, people could have restrained from torturing my people if I could have had a manly harsh voice to shout at them while they were doing mischief.

If I could relive that moment of my life,

I would not have had to repent for being not able to give enough protection to my wife and children because of my this thin voice.

Alas, I could have relived that moment of my life!!!

To make a better choice for my voice and be able to give better protection to my wife and family so that things could not have had been like this in that case.

Alas, I could relive that moment of my life!

To change everything in my life!!!