Saturday, February 23, 2013

Man and his Brutal nature- Cause of Crimes

The ongoing incidents of bomb blasts, rapes and other violent incidents again and again reminds us of the brutal nature innate among human beings. Inspite of all our harsh measures and precautions, we are unable to control this part of human nature. Man becomes so much violent that you can't stop him and you become helpless in such circumstances and can only pray to your God to calm him and give him a little bit of good sense.

Every man possesses this bad element in him whether it may be very nominal or vast. But most of us are able to assess what is right and wrong and thereby able to control this bad element from being expressed explicitly. Even then, at times, we are unable to have full control over it and express it through our anger or some violent acts like quarreling and beating, etc. Most of us may be considering these things as normal human behaviour and are not worried about it.

But some men do not have even the slightest amount of this capacity to judge what is right and what is wrong. And thereby they are unable to control them selves and act very emotionally and wickedly. They will not be thinking over the after effects of their behaviour. Simply they act spontaneously. Some of them may be repenting for their behaviour afterwards. But most of them do not have even the sense that they have done something wrong. They do not at all think of it and forget it immediately.

Now, this type of men are to be considered as mentally ill, under developed and not capable of living or adjusting with their surroundings. So they often try to exhibit their feelings violently. Most of these cases may be due to the environmental conditions in which they are brought up, the circles they live in and interact with, the education and training that they receive from unsocial elements and might be due to their poor economic conditions creating jealousy and hatred. All these factors make these men to be insensitive, irrational, cruel and helpless. They are more worried of their present condition and loose control over their senses thereby acting spontaneously. This makes them do all bad things for some immediate gains.

So, it needs that we should try to inculcate some awareness and healthy feelings among these men to make them understand what is right and wrong or good and bad. These people require proper education and guidance from their families, friends, relatives, communities and organizations. From the beginning itself, they should be taught to be rational, kind and good natured. For this, they should be given assistance, care, love and support in all their weaknesses thereby developing a good mental health in them. They should be given all psychological guidance needed to recover themselves. This can make them realize their weaknesses and faults and help them restrain from committing crimes.

So the immediate step that we must take is to eradicate this bad element of brutal thoughts from men by giving them proper guidance, assistance and love. Unless all of us determine to eradicate evils from the roots of our society, the crimes can not be controlled or stopped. By simply providing tight securities or making crime laws more stringent, we can not solve this problem unless we work out from the root causes and circumstances of crimes.