Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ganesha Ashtakam: Lyrics With Meanings

Ganesha Ashtakam is rendered in the worship of Lord Ganesha, the Elephant-Headed God. He is the Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Lord.

Lord Ganesha is the lord of all Ganas. Gana means a group. So, Ganesha is the head or chief of all the different groups of living beings all over the universe. He is in control of all those Ganas and thereby he is able to execute various tasks through them.

Ganesha is believed to be capable of removing all the obstacles in your path if you worship Him with sincere faith and belief.

That is why people pray to Ganesha before starting any work or project. Even for the worship of Lord Shiva or Lord Narayan, you need to first worship Ganesha and then start your puja or worship. Thereby Ganesha helps you in seeking their blessings.

Ashtakam is a composition of eight verses in the praise of God describing his beauty and other superb qualities.

The eight verses or slokas in the praise of Lord Ganesha are provided here with their meanings in English.

Ganesha Ashtakam

Gaja vakthram, sura srEshtam, karNa chAmara bhooshitam |
pAsAngusha dharam devam, vandEham GaNa nAyakam ||     ( 1 )

Meaning: Oh, elephant-headed (or necked), superior among angels, and adorned with fan-like ears, oh God that holds the rope and goad in Thy hands, my salutations to You the leader of Ganas.

Eka dantam, mahAkAyam, taptha kAnchana sannibham |
lambOdaram, vishAlAksham, vandEham GaNa nAyakam ||  ( 2 )

Meaning: Oh God, possessing a single tusk, large body, and resembling (glowing like) a molten Gold, whose stomach is long (big), and eyes are wide; my salutations to Thee, the leader of Ganas.

MounjiikrishnAjina dharam, nAga yajnOpaviitinam |
bAlEndu vilAsa mouLiim, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 3 )

Meaning: One who wears moonja grass & deerskin on his waist, and a serpent as the sacred thread, who has the infant moon in his lock of hair over the head; my salutations to Thee, Oh leader of GaNas.

AmbikAhridayAnandam, matrubhih paripAlitam |
Bhaktapriyam, madOnmattam, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 4 )

Meaning: One who makes Mother Ambika's (Parvati's) heart happy, who is looked after by his mother, one who loves his devotees, and gets excited by his vigor, my salutations to Thee, the leader of Ganas.

Chitra ratna chitrAnga, chitramAlA vibhooshitam |
chitra roopa dharam dEvam, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 5 )

Meaning: Oh Lord, who has unique features decorated with colorful gems and garlands, and who bears a unique form; my salutations to Thee, oh leader of GaNas.

Mooshakottama mAroohya, dEvAsura mahAhavE |
yOdhukAmam mahAviiryam, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 6 )

Meaning: One who rides on the superior mouse, who is worshiped by devas (angels) and asuras (demons) alike, and greatest among all warriors, my salutations to Thee, oh leader of GaNas.

Yaksha kinnara ghandarva siddha vidyAdharai sadA |
sthuyamAnam mahAbAhum, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 7 )

Meaning: The Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas, and Vidyadharas always keep offering prayers to Thee, oh valorous-shouldered, my salutations to Thee, oh leader of GaNas.

Sarva vighna haram dEvam, sarva vighna vivarjitam |
sarva siddhi pradAtaram, vandEham GaNa nAyakam || ( 8 )

Meaning: One who removes all obstacles, and relieves you from the hurdles in your path, one who provides you with all divine powers (or your desires); my salutations to Thee, oh leader (or Lord) of GaNas.

Ending sloka:
GaNAshtakamidam puNyam bhaktitho ya padhEnnarah |
vimuktA sarva pApEbhyO rudra lOkam sa gachhati ||

Meaning: Whoever recites this pious and virtuous octane (eight verses) of Ganesha with utter devotion, he will get relieved from all his worldly sins and goes to the Rudra Loka which is the abode of Lord Shiva.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Dear Newspapers! Stop Hijacking Those Front Pages

I am much worried about seeing that these publishers of NewsPapers have forgotten the definition and the meaning of a newspaper.
I hope that a newspaper is for providing the news. Not for presenting those advertisements as the
main content of it. 

We subscribe to newspapers to get the news that happens around the world. We would like to know at a first glance the main events that took place all around there during the last 24 hours. That's why we buy these newspapers. Is it right?

But, if we are prevented from seeing that frontpage news, what is the benefit in procuring the paper?

Most of these publishers are blocking the subscribers from their privileged news by big banners of frontpage advertisements. It is simply the hijacking of the privilege of their customers. Isn't it?

You should know that people who are interested in those advertising banners of posh villas and apartments, or jewelry and other luxury items are simply a minority and, even then, they too might want to know the big news around the world at first instant than look at those advertisements. Am I right? 

And, you must also know this one more important point.

Most of us (or maybe some ample percentage of your subscribers) do not have time to read the news at the instant of the paperboy throwing the paper at our doorsteps.

We have our daily routine more important work than reading the news that early. We simply want to look at the headlines in that fraction of a minute while we take the paper from our doorstep and put it inside. I could afford only those few seconds to glance at the top news of the day and I feel much embarrassed to find that big banner staring at me on the front page. So, I am prevented from looking at the news. And, keep it aside only to find time after my lunch. This is my case. And, I hope many subscribers of these newspapers might be facing some similar problems due to these advertisements blocking their view.

As all of us know, there is certainly no need to subscribe to these newspapers as we are getting everything readymade on the internet. So, why should we subscribe to these things paying an ample amount of money?

Because I am very fond of those editorials and the wonderful columns in the center page of the newspaper. I am very much interested and enjoy reading those views and articles of popular writers and feel some pleasure as if I am interacting with them and enjoying their presence in my room. This is the main purpose of my buying these hard copies of newspapers and for the frontpage news and the almanac, weather report, etc. also. And, a bit of those sports news and getting acquainted with financial matters.

And I hope that many of you also must be having your own choices of buying these newspapers. But, definitely not for those marketing advertisements like that which frustrate you.

I am not against the media people making their business. I simply want to remind them that there should be some norms and limits for their indulgences. Don't play with your subscribers in any way.

Kindly don't block our front page with that unwanted advertisement.

You can put it at the back of the front page or the next page. Already you are having so many pages allocated for advertisements, especially in the weekend days, that cover half of the total number of pages. So, not on the main page of your news, please!