Lifestyle Tips deals with everything in life. It is a discussion and review of every aspect of our life with suitable lifestyle tips for betterment of our life and society.

In our everyday life, we indulge in lots of activities from the stage of our waking up in the morning to till we go to sleep again. All these activities reflect the styles of our lives. The way you get up from bed, the way you fresh up yourself, the way you clothe, the way you behave with your family and friends and at work and at any public places, the way you talk, interact and communicate with people and surroundings, the way you eat and drink, the way you sit or stand or walk, the way you entertain yourself or indulge in other cultural and extracurricular activities, your habits, interests and everything you do in your life- all these reflect your lifestyle. It includes the health problems you face and tips for outcoming such problems.

So lifestyle is not a part but the whole of life. A better lifestyle with good moral and ethical standards of life leads to betterment and well being of society. So each one of us must learn to live a good lifestyle through our decent behaviour which may not annoy or insult the feelings of others and affect their lives.

Through this Blog of "Lifestyle Tips", a simple and tiny effort is being made to showcase good lifestyle values through various topics randomly dealing with all these aspects of lifestyle. Instead of giving direct lessons, an effort is being made to make the readers become aware of some good human values of the ideal society by blogging on related topics and TV serials and other fields which project good lifestyle tips. But articles in this blog deal with direct topics and solutions also on all spheres of life.

Some of my other blogs include Comments posted by me on newspaper articles, Randomthoughts and a spirituality blog on Speakingtree.in of the Times Group. The links to all these blogs are given below for interested viewers.

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