Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day and Security of Women

On this International Womens Day, we are celebrating the emancipation of women all over the world. But let us have some introspection. Let us be frank speaking. Are we 100% sure that all women truly enjoy freedom and share equal rights with men in all spheres? Are they equally secure and free from fear to do whatever they want just like men do?

Giving answer to these questions may make you think for a while as you are not sure of their security in many situations and environments.

Now, let us talk about women in India. In India, basically women are considered to be subordinate to men.  In most circumstances, man thinks his decision is the final verdict in any matter. He expects woman to adhere to his decisions and act or behave accordingly. He did not like woman's dominance over him. Even though he may be talking of equality of woman, he may still be feeling that she should adhere to his wishes and orders.

It has been inherited traditionally, that man is superior to woman. That she is weak and needs protection. That she should be taken care of and protected by man. That woman can not live without man. But, in case of man there is no such assumption that he can not live without woman nor does he need protection, etc.

So, basically woman feels that she is weak if not supported by man and develops a mentality that she can not stand and face society if she is not protected by man. This innate feeling of woman makes her weak and inferior to man.

This feeling of insecurity in woman is further increased by violent acts of men like his anger, scolding, beating and harassing with threats and other indecent acts, etc.

So, the first thing that women must do is to eradicate this feeling of fear and insecurity from their minds. They should try to develop confidence, courage and will power to do things as they like instead of listening mutely to their men and submitting to their compulsions. Confidence is the most important factor as without confidence they can not take decisions to act. They should develop courage to express their liking and act accordingly. They should develop courage to face and challenge the anti-women minded men and their crimes on them.

It is true that the environment has changed now and people's thinking mentality is changing. We find women stepping out bravely and participating in all activities even surpassing men. They have attained top most positions in all fields.

But even now, men's atrocities are not stopping. The recent Delhi Gang Rape of Nirbhaya, the abduction and shooting of Pakistani teenage rights activist cum school girl Malala Yousafzai and other such incidents have drawn uproar and anguish from all corners with women coming out on roads in such unexpectedly massive gatherings to express protests with huge loud voices indicating that they will no more bear the atrocities and crimes of the society. Further, the fight back put out by these victims, indicates their extreme courage, fearlessness and determination.

Our Laws are also being made more and more strict and stringent to safe guard women's rights and impose stringent punishment on culprits. Many women upliftment and welfare schemes have been launched by our government to create awareness among women and provide them security, education and employment and medical care.

Inspite of all this, unless women develop the will power and determination to face challenges and fight with men's atrocities and social evils, how long can any law protect them from harassment and humiliations? What is the use of such laws merely imposing punishment after occurrence of the crime?

Further, all men should try to create a healthy and safer environment for women. They should cooperate with women in making their living conditions better by treating them with respect and giving equal rights and freedom to them. So, pledge for this cause today. This will be the most valuable and greatest gift you will be giving to women on this "international womens day ".