Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sex And Marriage

A lot of fuss is going on regarding the age of consent for sex and the age for marriage.

Discussion for deciding the minimum age of marriage is Okay.

But, I don't see the need for discussing the topic of the age of consent for having sex.

Why should we decide the age of consent to have sex at all? Sex will be there automatically when one is married or matured. Why think of sex and get deprived of other values of life?

  • The modern generation has already become more and more materialistic and sexually extra conscious. 
  • Ethical and moral values of men have decreased very much. 
  • Everywhere, we witness crimes and violence. 
  • Each person wants his own selfish enjoyment and growth at the cost of others. 
  • Nobody cares about the others. He does not even hesitate for a while in causing trouble to other people for attaining his own desired motive.

In such an environment, publicly debating and wasting time in fixing an age of consent to have sex is very irrelevant. It indirectly implies that the institutions are encouraging the public to have sex among teenagers.

Our institutions should concentrate more on other important issues of life like giving a standard education to children and through that education make them aware of our moral and ethical values of life. And, concentrate more on eradicating the social evils of life and in the upliftment of living standards of people.

  • Students must concentrate more on their studies and their health improvement. 
  • Enjoyment of sex will be there on time after one is fully matured.
  • They should not look for sex till their education is complete and get settled in their life.

Indulging in sex will distract your concentration from other goals of achievements. So, until education is completed, your priority should be your studies and in getting higher degrees and, thereafter, in getting a better career. Until then, sex should not be indulged in. Better devote extra time to improving health and in extra-curricular activities and the development of some nice hobbies. You may spend time with friends for improving these healthy habits and in building up your career.

What is alarming is matured parents debating over the age of consent for sex. Instead of taking care that younger generation does not involve in sexual indulgence, they discuss it publicly as if some most important thing of career is discussed.

We must not encourage sex before settlement in life and if it happens by mistake or spontaneously, we must guide those youngsters to be reasonable and not get flown by emotions.

So, do not waste your time in fixing the age of consent for sex.

One thing more I may want to point out is that sex should not be treated as a mere physical enjoyment.

It is more of a mental joy and peace.

When you have sex with your partner, besides the physical enjoyment, you will be experiencing a pure mental love and satisfaction with your partner. So, when enjoying it after marriage with your spouse, the bondage between both of you will become stronger (both mentally and physically) which will be more fruitful and eternal.