Sunday, March 17, 2013

Important Tips for Personality Development of Children

Here are some simple and important tips to children for grooming themselves into good and healthy children. Even though these tips are intended for students, they apply equally to all people in many cases for building up a good Personality Development.

Wake up early in the morning and revise your lessons taught yesterday. As your mind will be very fresh and calm it can grasp the essence very easily and quickly in the early hours of the day. So it will provide a strong base for your knowledge and you will be able to grasp and memorize everything very spontaneously.

After this, you can have some light exercise or walk and then take your bath. While bathing you must take a complete bath applying hygienic soaps. The soaps or shampoos should be kept dry in their places in the bathroom and prevent them from getting wet. Wet soaps which get soaked in their containers when using shower baths or due to careless handling are not hygienic and should not be used. In winters, you may not bath on your head but periodical head bath should be taken with shampoo at least once in a week. In summers, it is better to bath from your head daily for full freshness. Bathing gives you freshness and makes you active and healthy. It regenerates your appetite also. 

After taking bath, you will dress up and if you have extra time, you can help your mother in her work or help your father and siblings and you want to pray to God, you can do that also for one or two minutes, or if you have any homework left unfinished, you can do that. But, the best time for doing your homework will be in the late evening hours or the night of the same day that you got it. Try to complete your homework the same day always and never postpone it.

Then you can have your breakfast, take your lunch box and go to the school timely. Never go late to school at any circumstance. It tarnishes your image among teachers and students also. So be punctual and don't try to take leave from classes any day unless it is unavoidable. Because if you are absent, you will miss your classes and the lessons taught on that day. It is a very great minus point for you if you miss classes. Because, when the teacher explains a lesson and by concentrating on his teaching, you will be able to understand better than by studying it yourself. So, never miss classes. And try to concentrate wholly on your teacher's teachings whenever he teaches something.

One more thing. Always respect your teachers and elders just like your parents. Don't try to see at their weaknesses. Always see their good things and try to learn from their good points only. Just think of them as your career developers and elders in both knowledge and age and always respect them.

After school hours, you must try to take part in sports and games and other extracurricular activities of your choice. Try to grow your sports talent as well as some arts like painting, drawing, music either vocal or instrumental and dancing etc. Participation in games and other extracurricular activities like stage performances keep your mind and body healthy and fit and they help you in grooming your personality.

Another advice is to keep always away from bad company and bad elements. Never go nearer to bad habits and people having those habits. Maintain distance from such things as far as possible. Don't be weak and succumb to bad habits like smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing, teasing people, etc. You may have to repent of it at a later stage. So, be stubborn. Always remember your parents and other good personalities and try to be moral, ethical, and of help to your society and surroundings.

And now last but not the least, "Be proud of your Family, your Heritage, and your Country". Never feel ashamed of talking of your parents and family. And never think of your self as inferior to others. Always talk proudly of your family, your village, and the country.