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Thiruppavai- Pasuram 3 - Ongi ulagalandha uttaman

The third Paasuram of Thiruppavai narrates the greatness of God and the benefits or fruits of performing this Pavai Vrat. Goda Devi tells her companions to participate in this ritual along with her to possess all those noble gifts from the compassionate God.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 3

ONgi ulagaLandha uttaman pEr paadi
NaaNgaL nambaavaikku chaatti neeraadinaal
TeeNginRi naadellaam tiNgaL mummaari peyidu
ONgu perum shennel oodu kayalugaLa
PooNguvaLai pOdil pORivandhu kaNpaduppa
ThEngaadE pukkirandhu sheertamulai paTTi
Vaanga kkudam niRaikkum vaLLal perum pasukkaL
Neengaadha selvam niRaindElor embaavaay

The Outer Explicit Meaning of Paasuram 3 

ONgi ulagaLanda (ulahu + aLandha) means one who grew up and measured universe. So, Goda Devi tells her companions to come and sing the names in praise of that great Uttaman (Supreme Being) who measured the earth and sky with his two steps.

The second line and the third one tell that if we take bath in the holy waters of the Yamuna reciting the glorious names of that Lord, the whole world (earth) will get the three showers of rain in a month that are essential for fields.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth lines describe the beautiful grown-up paddy fields dancing with their steep stalks, the fish jumping with content in the waters of those paddy fields, and the honey-bees coming attracted by the abundance of those fields to suck honey with full content and then sleep in the blue-lotus petals in the midst of those fields. Goda Devi tells that by performing this Vrat there will be so much abundance of everything for them.

The seventh line tells that the cows and cattle that graze in those rich meadows will yield pots of milk.

In the eight line, Goda Devi says that such will be the prosperity if we sing the glories of God with a pure heart.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of this Tiruppavai Paasuram 3

The inner in-depth meaning of this paasuram refers to the great spiritual benefits attained through the observance of this ritual. Chanting the names of Lord Narayana (Vishnu) and surrendering yourself at his feet through learning the three mantras that are imparted to you by the AchAryan, reciting those mantras always with true devotion, involving yourself in spirituality and pilgrimages growing your knowledge and spreading it all around, all these acts lead to abundance of God's grace and you will be blessed with never-ending prosperity and happiness and the ultimate moksha.

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