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Thiruppavai Paasuram 4 - Azhi Mazhai Kanna

In this Fourth Paasuram of Thiruppavai, Goda Devi along with her companions worship the rain God to bless them with a bounty of rains for the well being of the world and also that they can take a complete bath to make their bodies and souls purified to perform the Vrat.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 4

Aazhi Mazhai KaNNaa onRu nee kai karavEl
Aazhi yuL pukkumugandhu kodaartERi
Oozhi mudalvan uruvambOl mey kariththu
Paazhi yandOLudai PaRpanaaban kaiyil
Aazhi pOl minni valamburi pOl ninRadhirundhu
Taazhaa dE shaarngam udaiththa saramaalai pOl
Vaazha ulaginil peydhidaay naangaLum
MaargaLi neeraada magizhndhu ElOr embaavaay

The explicit, outer Meaning of this Paasuram

Goda Devi addresses to the Rain God Varuna.

"O Lord Varuna, the angel of bursting rains! Please bring an abundance of rains without being a miser. Please collect all the water from the deep sea, go high up and roar with your dark-blue-hued clouds spreading throughout the sky resembling the appearance of that blue-hued Sriman Narayan. Thereafter sparkle like the glowing wheel (Sudarshan Wheel) in the beautiful hand of broad-shouldered Lord Padmanabhan and bring down incessant rains with thunderous sounds like the sounds made by the conch, Panchajanya of God. The thundershowers of that incessant rain should resemble the incessant rows of arrows released from the bow (Shaarngam) of Lord Vishnu. The rains should be for the betterment of the entire world. We will also take our bath in those rains to purify ourselves and thereby perform our Vrat.

The Inner, Implicit Meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 4

Goda Devi equates the Aachaaryas (spiritual teachers) to the Rain Gods. Just like rains bring abundance, AchArya brings Jnaanam (wisdom). She requests the teachers or Gurus to impart knowledge to their students or ShisyAs without holding back any secrets.

The teachers attain their knowledge by immersing themselves in the sea of knowledge through incessant meditation and their bodies begin glowing just like the blue-hued clouds or Lord Vishnu.

She asks them to impart the knowledge of three secrets or mantras just like the Sudarshan Wheel emitting the radiance all around, the Panchajanya Conch sounding solid sounds that drive away evil aspects, and the incessant arrows released from the Shaarngam Bow raining wisdom thoughts into every mind.

They should shower this knowledge incessantly for the good and betterment of the people so that they can purify their bodies and souls in that knowledge and attain God's grace.

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