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Thiruppavai Paasuram 2 - Vaiyaththu Vazhveergal

In this second paasuram of Thiruppavai, Andal mentions to his companions what they should do and how they are going to perform this pavai ritual to get Lord's grace.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 2

Vaiyaththu vaazhveergaaL naamum nambaavaikku
Seyyum kirisaigaL kELeerO paaRkadalul
PeiyaththuinRa paramanadi paadi
NeyyuNNom paluNNOm naatkaalE neeraadi
Meiyuttu eZhudOm malarittu naamudiyOm
Seyyaadhana seyyOm theekkuraLai senROdhOm
Aiyyamum pichchaiyum aandhanaiyum kai kaatti
UyyumaaReNNi ugandhelOr embaavaay

The outer, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Oh, people of this world! Listen to these austerities to be followed during the observance of our Pavai nonbu ritual.

We shall sing the praises of the glorious feet of Lord Narayan sleeping pleasantly in the milky ocean.

We shall refrain from consuming Ghee and Milk.

We shall take bath early in the morning.

We will not apply the eye lotion or decorate flowers to our hair.

We will not indulge in prohibited conduct nor speak hurting words.

We will give away liberally charities and alms to those who seek and also to those who do not seek.

In this way, we will perform our nonbu ritual to seek Lord's grace.

The inner, in-depth meaning of this Paasuram 2 of Thiruppavai

Andal, through this paasuram, refers to the self-discipline and sincere effort needed in attaining any desired goals.

She tells that one should control his body and mind with punctuality and self-imposed austerities.

He or she should refrain from bodily pleasures and decorations and concentrate on spiritual activities to be able to realize the Almighty, Supreme Being.

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