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Thiruppavai Paasuram 9 - Thoomani Madathu

In this 9th Paasuram of Thiruppavai, Andal awakens another gopi who is more luminous in the knowledge of ParamAtman but still in a state of sleep, may be due to the spell of spiritual powers.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 9

ThoomaNi maadaththu sutRum viLakkeriya
Thoopam kamazha ththuyilaNai mEl kaN vaLarum
Maamaan magaLE! maNikkadhavam taaL tiRavaay;
Maameer! avaLai yeLuppeerO, un magaL thaan-
OomaiyyO? anRichchevidO! anandhalO!
YEma perumthuyil mandhirappattaalO?
Maamaayan Maadhavan Vaikunthan enRenRu
Naamam palavum navinRElOr empaavaay.

Explicit, Outer Meaning of this Paasuram 9

O (maternal) Uncle's Daughter! You, who is resting on a sofa bed in the splendid mansion whose walls are inbuilt with gemstones and lit up with glowing lights all around, in the midst of fragrance filled rooms! Please open the lock of the door.

Oh, Aunty, please awaken her, isn't she your own daughter? Is she dumb? Deaf or lost in senses!
Or is she under the spell of some magical power of any manthram?

Let us recite the numerous names of Lord like Maamaayan (Great Magician), Maadhavan (Bearer of Goddess Lakshmi), and Vaikunthan (One whose abode is Vaikuntham) to get awakened from the spell, Oh My Dear!

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasuram 9

Thoomani Maada is that place or abode from where you can see everything clearly.

The abode of all knowledge is the Vedas. Vedas reveal the supreme essence of Paramatma.
 Thoomani Maada refers to the deep knowledge of Veda which illuminates the possessor of that knowledge with a resplendent glow like the building made up of gemstones.

Thoomani Maada can also refer to the abode of the Teacher (AchAryan) which is lit up with the glow of his spiritual knowledge and spiritual powers.

The lock referred to in the above Paasuram is the hindrance of ignorance and lack of determination. So, one should overcome these weaknesses to unlock the door of knowledge.

Maamaan Magal refers to the dearest devotee or bhakta of God and also to the dearest and sincere disciple of an AchAryan.

Sometimes, the bhakta or the disciple gets overconfident or careless due to his indifference, lack of complete knowledge, and lack of determination, etc. and so is unable to unlock the doors.

So, Goda Devi asks them to recite the innumerable names of God to unlock the door and attain that supreme knowledge and enjoy God's companionship.

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