Friday, December 29, 2017

Thiruppavai Pasuram 15 - Elle Ilamgiliye

This 15th Paasuram of Thiruppavai is very beautifully crafted with great dialogues between the sleeping girl and the one who wakes up her. It is considered as the greatest and beautiful verse of Thiruppavai which itself is a great work among all works of Azhwars.

Thiruppavai Pasuram 15

EllE iLangkiLiyE! innam uRangudhiyO,
Sil enRu azhayEn min nangaimeer! pOdharukinREn
Vallai un katturaigaL pandeyun vAy aRidhum
ValleergaL neengaLE naanEthaan aayiduga
Ollai nee pOdhaay! unakenna veRudaiyai
Ellaarum pOndhaarO? pOndhaar pOndhu eNNikkoL,
Vall aanai konRaanai maatRaaRai maatRazhikka
Vallanai, maayanai ppaadElOr embaavaay.

Outer, Explicit Meaning of this Pasuram 15

Oh, little bird (because she chatters like a bird)! Are you still sleeping?

Don't talk harshly to me, oh gentle ones! I am coming.

Oh, we know your tactics in your speech and behavior.

Let it be, you are the more competent; leave me alone (I am the harsher).

Oh, come on! why it is different for you?

Have all gone? Gone, come and count yourself.

That Lord who killed the big elephant and destroyed the enmity of enemies;

Please get up and sing the praises of that great enchanter.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Pasuram 15

This 15th Paasuram of Thiruppavai showcases the great qualities of an awakened soul.

A true devotee who seeks spiritual enlightenment and moksha should be very sweet and noble in his character. He should approach his superiors with respect and humbleness. He shouldn't talk harshly or loudly.

Further, one should be ready to accept his faults, even though he is not at fault, to please his superiors and in order to not disrespect him.

Now, the essence is that a Shishyan should approach his teacher with complete humbleness and devotion towards him, praising his good qualities, to attain the spiritual enlightenment through him. He should not speak loudly in his presence or hurt his feelings in the slightest kind with his acts or words.

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