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Thiruppavai Paasuram 8 - Keezh Vaanam Vellendru

In this 8th Paasuram of Thiruppavai, Andal (Goda Devi) wakes up another gopi who is somewhat more spiritually oriented so that she also can join them in performing this Dhanurmasam Vrat and obtain the fruits of it.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 8

KeeL vaanam veLLenRu erumai siRuveedu
MEyvaan paranthana kaaN! mikkuLLa piLLaigaLum
POvaan pOkinRaarai pOgaamal kaaththu, unnai
Kkoovuvaan vandhu ninROm; kodhukulamudaya
Paavaay! ezhundhiraay ppaadi ppaRaikondu
Maavaay piLandhaanai mallarai maattiya
DEvaadhidEvanai chchenRu naam sEviththaal
Aa vaa enRu arayndhu aruLElOr embaavaay.

Outer, Explicit Meaning of this Paasuram 8

O noble lady of wisdom! The dawn is brightening to white glow from its earlier red-hued color. The Buffaloes (Goda Devi refers to the buffaloes instead of cows here) have set out on their graze. All the other gopis have decided to go to the place of performance of the Vrat. But, we stopped them and came to your door to take you also along with us.
So, please get up and come. Sing with us and obtain the gifts from our Lord who has defeated so many wrestlers (evil demons). If we reach him before he awakens, and sing his praises, he will become very kind and gracious enquiring our wellbeing and will definitely bestow us with our gifts. So, get up and come, please.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasuram 8 

The buffaloes referred to in the above first line of the Paasuram, denotes to the laziness and lack of determination.

The Buffaloes generally, while going on their graze, do not follow discipline. They go haphazardly and stop many times at water pits or ponds on the way before reaching their destination. It shows the carelessness of the devotee who pursues in his worship and meditation. So, he requires the proper guidance from his AchAryas to control his mind and senses.

Cows, on the other hand, are more disciplined and determined. They reach their destination more swiftly due to this without any distractions. The enlightened soul is like this.

So, the real devotee who seeks moksha should be well-disciplined by going through the medium of surrendering to his teachers and treating himself as the servant of God and his teachers. He should seek their refuge and guidance defeating the selfishness, pride, and laziness.

The act of Lord Krishna defeating the warriors refers to this aspect of the defeating the bad qualities of selfishness, anger, laziness, etc.

Goda Devi tells all that they should surrender themselves by singing the praises of God or their AchAryan and reaching his presence before his awakening so that he should not be made to wait for them to arrive. Thereby, the AchAryan or God get pleased and enquire about their wellbeing or about their problems and will be most ready to help with bounties and favors.

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