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Thiruppavai Paasuram 6 - Pullum Silambina KaaN

With the 6th paasuram of Thiruppavai, Goda Devi starts awakening the gopis so that they can also participate in the Dhanurmasam Vrat and attain the grace of God.

She awakens each gopi with one paasuram from the 6th to 15th paasurams starting from the lesser spiritually awakened gopi to the fully awakened one. We should here assume that each gopi represents thousands or even millions of people similar to her.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 6

PuLLum silambina kaaN puLLaRaiyan kOilil
VeLLai ViLisangin pEraravum kEttilaiyO?
PiLLaai, ezhundiraay pEymulai nanzundu
KaLLa chagadam kalakkazhia kkaalOchchi
Vellaththaravil tuyil amarndha viththinai
ULLaththu koNdu munivargaLum yOgigaLum
Mella vezhundu arienRa pEraravam
ULLam pugundhu kuLirndhu ElOr empaavaay

Outer, Explicit Meaning of this Paasuram 6

The birds have already woke up and making chirping sounds to announce the arrival of the morning.

Don't you hear the loud sound coming from the white conch of the temple of our Lord who travels on Garuda?

Oh, Young Girl, awaken!

This is how we got awakened. The incidents of Lord Krishna sucking the blood also along with milk of the Demon Puthana, and his kicking of the demon Shakata who came in the shape of a cart, are being discussed by the Sages and the Yogis who always meditate on the wonderful miracles of God who sleeps on the great serpent Adi Seshan in the Milky Ocean.

The Sages and Yogis have slowly come out of their meditation and discussing these things and reciting the name of Hari loudly that entered our mind and hearts also.

Don't you also hear those sounds? Please wake up.

Inner, Implicit Meaning of Thiruppavai Paasuram 6

Through this paasuram, Goda Devi refers to the 5 forms of Paramaatman or the Supreme Being in the forms of Param Atman roopam at Vaikuntam, vyuha roopam Bhujaga Sayanan in the Milky Ocean,  vibhava roopam Lord Krishna, Archa roopam idol in the temple of Sri Villiputtur, and the inner self or antharyaami Brahman.

She also pointed out at the significance of the Ashtakshara thirumanthram which we should obtain from our Achaaryas after purifying our soul by performing this Vrat. The Thirumanthram is the place where Lord resides.

The sound of conch is the "Om" sound that is all-pervasive which drives away ignorance and darkness and leads you towards bliss.

The breasts of Putana are indicative of Evils that should be dragged out and destroyed.

The cart of Shakatasura is our mind which needs to be controlled by strict discipline and by being indifferent to desires.

So, we should be well disciplined to get the true knowledge of God and, by reciting the Ashtakshari Mantra and the name of Hari, we will be able to possess the Lord's grace and blessings.

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