Friday, October 20, 2017

Diwali - Difference Between "Diwali" and "Deepavali"

I requested all of you to not to use the word "Diwali" while talking about the Festival of Deepavali.

I will tell you now why we should not use that negative word "Diwali".

You must know that one of the popular languages of India is Hindi. In Hindi language, people refer to a bankrupted person as a "Diwala" (दीवाला). The feminine word for it is "Diwali" (दीवाली). 

"उसने दीवाला पिट गया"  or "उसने दीवाली पिट गयी"|  It means "He became a pauper" or "She became a pauper".

So, the word Diwali refers to a loser or a pauper.

That is why I am asking everybody to refrain from referring to "Deepavali" as "Diwali". Please do not get embarrassed at this negative feedback. Try to understand the situation.

Deepavali is a festival of celebrating the Happiness by driving away the darkness and negative thoughts from our mind and the humanity. It is a festival where Goddess Lakshmi gifts you with Prosperity.

So, how can you call it as "Diwali"?

That bad name to the festival was given by the Britishers and other foreigners who could not spell Deepavali and so misspelled and shortened it as "Diwali" only for their own convenience.

Now, our modern so-called civilized people have become addicted to that easy word and using it permanently (spelling it like those foreigners) without knowing the negative message that it passes all over there.

So, from next time onward, kindly try to refer to this auspicious festival of prosperity as "Deepavali".

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