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Thiruppavai Paasuram 30 - Vanga kadal kadaindha Madhavanai

This paasuram is the last one of the literary garland of thirty paasurams created by Goda Devi (Andal) to provide the people with a very simple and an easy spiritual path of attainment of moksha and the blessings of Lord Vishnu or Sriman Narayana through the observance of Dhanurmasam or the ritual of sacred Pavai Vrat.

Paasuram 30

Vanga kadal kadaindha Maadhavanai KEsavanai
ThingaL thirumugaththu sey izhayaar senRu iRainji
Anga paRai konda aaRtRai aNi pudhuvai
PaingamaLa ththandheriyal bhattar piraan kOdai sonna
Sanga thamizh maalai muppadhum thappaamE
Ingu ipparisuraippaar eerirandu maalvarai thOL
Sengan thirumugaththu selva thirumaalaal
Engum thiruvaruL petRu iNbuRuvar embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this paasuram

Thus, the gopis who are shining moon-like faced (adorned by new clothes and ornaments), attained moksha by approaching the Lord, who is called as Madhavan (because of possessing Goddess Lakshmi obtained during the churning of the Milky Ocean) and Keshavan (because of the curly hair head).
That story of their attaining moksha is told by Goda who is the daughter of Bhattar piraan (a superior or great person is referred to as Piraan) who used to wear the garlands prepared with Tulasi and lotus beads around his neck.

Whoever recites this garland of Tamil songs (especially recited in groups) honestly without any break will obtain eternal bliss, now itself and thereafter, through the overwhelming grace of that Lord, who has beautiful eyes with a red hue and divinely faced and glorious with all good qualities.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 30

Andal tells people, through this last paasuram, about her authorship and about her father cum teacher (Achaaryan) and regarding the benefit of performing this Pavai nonbu or Vrat. She also hints at the supreme qualities and benevolence of God who will definitely bless His devotees with the eternal bliss or moksha.

It asserts the importance and valuable worthiness of the Thiruppavai, the authenticity of its writer who is the disciple of a great worthy Achaaryan, the quality, and essence of the contents of this work, and the great benefits obtained by reciting or hearing of these paasurams with sincere honesty.

A concluding paragraph
Goda Devi performed the Vrat of Thiruppavai by preparing a garland of 30 paasurams in this manner and dedicating one paasuram each day to Lord Vatapatra Shaayi at Srivilliputtur temple. After completion of this penance by Goda Devi, Lord, one day, appeared in her father's dreams and also in the dreams of the King and a temple priest of the Sri Rangam Temple, and instructed them to arrange for the marriage of Goda Devi with Himself, the Lord, inside that temple of Sri Rangam. So, Goda married God and became an idol to his side there and is being worshiped as Andal since that time.

For full story of Andal, read at this link.

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