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Thiruppavai Paasuram 18 - Undhu madagaLitRa nodadha 2nd January

When Krishna does not awake, Goda Devi realizes that she should first awaken Nappinna piRaati (NeeLa Devi) as they are both inseparable and Krishna would not awake without her. So she awakens NeeLa first.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 18

Undhu madhagaLitRan Odaadha thoLvaLiyan
Nandagopalan marumagaLe Nappinnaay
Kandham kamazhum kuzhali kadai thiRavaay
Vandhengum kozhi aLaiththanagaaN Madhavi
Ppandhalmel pal kaal kuzhilinanagaL koovinakaaN
Pandhaarvirali un maiThThunan peRpaada
Chendhaamarai kayyaal Siraar vaLaioLippa
Vandu Thiravai maghindu Elor enbaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Oh, daughter-in-law of the great warrior Nandagopan who is famous for his invincible valor and army of giant elephants and so never faces defeat!
Oh, Nappinnaay! you, whose hair is dark and beautiful with locks, please open the door.
Even the cocks have arrived now making loud noises and even the cuckoo birds sitting on the bower of creeping flower plants have cuckooed many times very sweetly.
Oh, Lady with lofty round fingers! As we want to sing in praise of your Lord, please open the door making a loud noise of the bangles on your lotus like hands, so that He can awaken.

Inner, in-depth meaning of the Thiruppavai Paasuram 18

Here, Nappinnai is the PurushakAram or the important recommendation for reaching Lord Krishna. So, she is to be pleased and requested for seeking the blessings of Krishna.
Now, to appease Nappinna, Goda Devi first praises her father-in-law Nandapopan. Goda is clever enough to know that if she praises Nappinna's father-in-law, she would get much pleased and listen to her requests as Nandagopan is a close relative of Nappinna. Goda Devi praises his great valor and then praises Nappinna's good qualities. She praises her beautiful long hair, her lotus-like hands, and her bangles. She further adds that the shouting of the cocks and the cuckoo birds making pleasant sounds as the signal for people to awaken and indulge in their duties. The cock generally crows three times to awaken people. It is a symbolic reference to the three mantras that are imparted by Vaishnava Acharyas for attaining moksha, the Thirumanthram, Dvayamanthram, and Charama slokam.  So, Andal requests Nappinna to kindly open the door so that Krishna will awake.

The opening of door refers to the removal of obstructions in the path of reaching God. Goda Devi requests Nappinnai to help us in crossing the obstacles in the path of reaching God.

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