Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram -22 - AngaNmaaGyAlaththu arasar on 06-01-2017

Thiruppavai paasuram 22 describes the submissiveness of the entire world at the feet of God with no more egoism to seek His blessings and protection. The gopis accompanied by the support of NeeLa Devi or Nappinnai, who guided them to the bed of Lord Krishna,  praise Him and appraise Him that they have discarded all pride and ego that possessed them previously and seek for His graceful vision that can wash their sins and purify their body and soul.

Paasuram 22

AngaN maaGyaalaththu arasar abimAna
BangamAy vandhu nin paLLikattiRkeezhE
SangamiruppAr pOl vandhu talai ppeyidhOm
KiNgiNi vaay chCheydha thAmarai ppooppOle
SengaN SiRichchiRidhe emmEl vizhiyAvO
ThingaLum Adiththiyanum EzhundaaR pOle
AngaNiraNdukondu engaLmEl nOkkudhiEl
EngaLmEl sAbamizhindheLor embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Just like the vanquished kings released by their ego have surrendered at your feet by gathering below your bed in groups to serve you, we also have come to rest at the feet of your bed after banishing our pride and ego to receive your protection.
Just like little bell-shaped pearls opening their mouth slowly, please open your lotus-like eyes gradually so that we may bear the radiant glow of your glances.
As if the Sun and Moon are rising at the same time, please look at us with your beautiful eyes with the coolness the moon and the brightness of the sun, so that all our sins and defects get washed away.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 22

As human beings, we are always in the deception and under the delusion that we are the superior beings in whatever field we are. We believe that we are the authority here and this position, place or thing belongs to us and we can do whatever we like with it as we are independent in all respects. But, once when you become helpless before circumstances and unable to control things, you gradually realize the reality and the existence of something superior that controls everything. You will then discard all your ego and pride and seek the help of God. This fact is preached to people through this paasuram.

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