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Thiruppavai Paasuram - 26 - MaalE MaNivaNNa Dated 10-01-2017

In this paasuram, the gopis request Lord Krishna to provide them with the requirements needed to perform this "Pavai" Vrat and tell Him how they would like to be rewarded after performing it.

Paasuram 26

MaalE maNivaNNaa MaargaLi neeraaduvaan
MElaiyaar saivanagaL vEnduvana kEttiyEl
Nyaalaththai ellaam nadunga muralvana
PaalannavaNNaththu un paanjasanniyamE
POlvana sankangaL poy paadudai YanavE
Saala perumpaRaiyE pallaandu isaippaarE
KOla viLakkE kodiyE vithaanamE
Aalin ilaiyaay aruLElOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Oh, Lord with unbounded love and with the beautiful complexion of blue sapphire gems!
We are to perform the holy bath in this auspicious Maargazhi. Our ancestors have also performed like that.
For this purpose, we seek some tools from you.
1) The sound of which trembles all this universe, that milk-like hued Panchajanyam resembling conches;
2) A large musical instrument "paRai";
3) A group of singers to sing "pallandu":
4) Lighting lamps:
5) A flag and;
6) A huge tent for shelter.

Oh, All-powerful Lord, please provide all these things.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 26

Through this paasuram, Andal gives us the message that we should value the age-old customs and traditions of our ancestors. She tells that we should follow rituals as per their prescribed principles and practices to maintain the decorum and respect to our customs. The ancestors referred to can be either our AchAryas or our own family elders and include both.

The bath referred to is the worship here involving six steps.
While starting worship, we blow the conch reverberating the sounds of "Om".
Then we sound the bells and drums.
Next, we decorate Lord with the flowers and recite the Vedic mantras and slokas.
The fourth step is to light the lamps which refer to the offering of Naivedyam and lighting of camphor.
The flag is used during processions of Lord.
The tent referred to is the cover used for Lord while sleeping.

So, the gopis required all these tools to worship Him which is equal to their taking bath in a spiritual river.

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