Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram 29 - SitRam siRukaale on 13-01-2017

This paasuram once more asserts the determination and commitment by the gopis to keep the penance or performance of Paavai for attaining their goal of moksha and plead Lord to keep away all other desires and thoughts from their mind.

Paasuram 29

SitRam siRu kaalE vandhu unnai sEviththu unn
PotRaamarai adiyE pOtRum poruL kELaay
PetRam mEyuththu unnRum kulaththil piRandhu nee
KutREval engaLai koLLaamal pOgaadhu
ItRai paRai koLvaan AnRu kaaN Govindhaa
EtRaikkum EzhEL piravikkum undhannOdu
UtROmE aavOm unakkE naam aatseyivOm
MatRainam KaamangaL maatRelOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Oh, Lord! We come early in the morning before dawn to visit you. After the darshan bhaagyam, we get pleased and sing prayers at your lotus-like feet in great pleasure.
We are blessed to have you born in our clan (even though we are very ordinary beings). Due to this attachment with you and our utter ignorance, You cannot do away without blessing us.
Oh, Govindha! We are not simply here to get the Parai from you.
We want to keep an eternal close relationship with you throughout the coming seven births and much more than that so that we can perform our humble services to you in all ages.
Oh, Lord! Please remove all the obstacles faced by us and fulfill our desires.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 29

Through this paasuram in the voice of gopis, Goda Devi spreads the message that those who discard all their material desires and enjoyments and indulge in the sincere services of God with pure love, attachment, and submission, seeking no returns from Him for those services rendered, will be rewarded by Lord, on his own, without your requests. Because he loves his true devotees and grants them with the permanent bliss of moksha removing all the physical barriers coming between Him and His devotees.

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