Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram 27 - Koodaarai Vellum Seer Govinda Dated 11/01/2017

In this paasuram, the Gopis reveal to Lord Krishna their intentions that they would like to be gifted magnificent costumes, bangles, jewels etc. and be allowed to feast in His company.

Paasuram 27

Koodaarai vellum seer Govindhaa undhannai
Paadi paRai kondu yaam perum sammaanam
Naadu pugaLum parisinaal nanRaaga
SoodagamE thOzh vaLaiye thOdE sevippoovE
PaadagamE enrenaiya palgalaNum yaam aNivOm
Aadai uruppOm adhan pinnE paal sORu
Mooda neyi peydhu muzhngai vaLi vaara
Koodi irundhu kuLirndhElOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Oh, Lord, you are capable of winning even the hearts of your opponents with your grace!
Oh, Lord, we are blessed with the world's most supreme reward of obtaining the PaRai singing your glories.
We will adorn ourselves with bangles and bracelets, shoulder ornaments, rings, studs and flower-like vertex earrings, anklets, and many more ornaments.
Then, we will wear the new clothes provided by you and eat with you the milk-food prepared with lots of ghee, which while eating overflows from the hand to the elbow.
This is our wish, Oh Lord!

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 27

Andal, through this paasuram, refers to the breaking of the fast (after performing the Vrat or penance).
Lord is very kind and loves His devotees. He blesses them with good results and great rewards when they keep faith in Him. The devotees are blessed with His union or Saayujyam.
So, the gopis on getting His blessings, celebrate the occasion of breaking the penance by wearing new clothes, ornaments, and flowers, They prepare the milk-food with jaggery/sugar and a large quantity of ghee and offer it as Naivedyam to God and eat in His company.

That is why, on this 27th day of Dhanurmaasam, we prepare the akkaara vadisil (ksheeraannam or milk-food made up of milk, rice, jaggery, ghee, cashew nut, raisin, elaichi, etc.)

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