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Thiruppavai Paasuram 25 - Oruththi maganai pirandu Dated 09/01/2017

In this paasuram, Goda Devi refers to the divine tales of Sri Krishna's birth and the ultimate goal of performing this Parai ritual or penance. 

Paasuram 25

Oruththi maganaay ppiRandhu Oriravil 
Oruththi maganaay oLiththu vaLara
Tharikkilaanaagiththaan theengu ninaindha
Karuththai pizhai piththu Kansan vayitRil
Neruppenna ninRa nedumaalE unnai
Ariththiththu vandhOm paRai tharudhiyaagil
Thiruththaka selvamum sEvagamum yAmpaadi
Varuththamum theerndhu magzhilndhElor embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

You have born as the son of one mother during one night and grew up as the son of another mother.
Oh, Lord! We can't keep thinking about the ways you involve in rewarding or punishing the acts of people. You have been like a fire in the belly of Kansa due to his bad acts.
We have come to seek Parai (moksha) from you.
If you grant us the "PaRai", we will sing the glories of You and about the heroic deeds of You to please You and Nappinnai. 
Please grant us moksha so that our sorrows and problems get dissolved and may we immerse in bliss.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 25

God seems to assume various forms and involve in various deeds to protect His devotees and to punish those who create trouble in the lives of His people. We can't understand or describe such wonderful deeds of God. Even we do not understand the ways in which He rewards the good acts or punishes the bad acts. We should simply submit ourselves to Him and seek the eternal bliss of moksha.

The essence of this paasuram is that the gopis seek permission to perform His worship in His human form and enjoy His company. 

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