Thursday, January 26, 2017

Republic Day Celebration and its Specialty for Me | India's Republic Day

Happy Republic Day to all of you, my Dears.

Republic Day is celebrated by Indians to mark the occasion of India being proclaimed as a Republic from this 26th January Day of the year in 1950.

A "Republic" refers to the form of government where governing power resides with the elected representatives of the people of the country. The elections are conducted throughout the country in which all people above the age of some minimum age limit (either 18 or any other limit that is fixed by different countries as their norms) have the voting power to elect leaders to govern them. The whole country is divided into states or regions and each state or region has many constituencies within them for governing purpose. Each constituency is contested by many candidates of different political parties and one of them gets elected for that constituency according to the number of votes scored by him. These winning candidates again elect their leaders as CM of a particular state. The CM forms his government with the approval of the elected candidates by selecting the other ministers. The same thing happens for electing the country's central government also. All the voters elect their leaders for the Parliament through general elections. The elected parliamentarians, thereafter, elect their leader who becomes the Prime Minister of the country. And, he forms the central government by choosing the ministers with the approval of other elected leaders.

The government thus elected by the people of the Republic governs the state or country according to some constitution formed by the laws and mutual consent of the peoples' representatives. Our first constitution was prepared by B.R. Ambedkar and came into force with effect from January 26, 1950.

The first general elections in our country were held in November 1951 according to the new constitution of India after her becoming a Republic. The elections continued until February 1952 and the first Parliament got announced declaring Jawahar Lal Nehru as the First PM of Republic India.

So, we are celebrating each and every year on this Date, 26 January, as the Republic Day.

We salute our Country. We salute our martyrs who fought for our Independence and gifted us the independence on 15th August 1947.

These national festivals remind me of my forefathers who have also fought for the Independence of our country by taking an active part in the independence struggles and movements. My grandfather used to be referred to as Gandhiji of a village named Tallarevu near Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh during an early 20th century. My uncles were born while my grandfather was in jail. So, they were named as Satyagrahacharya (born during the non-cooperation movement) and as Pathakacharya        ('pataak' means Flag and it refers to the Indian National Flag).

Our country abodes people of different cultures speaking different languages and yet they are united and bonded. They love to be called as Indians and feel always proud to be Indians.

We salute our National Flag by hoisting it with great respect and pride. We salute our soldiers and award gallantry awards to them. We salute our Scientists, Litterateurs, and all other great personalities whoever contributed and are contributing to the growth and development of our country in each and every field.

We celebrate the festival with sweets and flowers.

This festival is further associated with my God also for me and my family.

Just as it brought a people's republic and happiness for the people of our country, our God arrived in our house on this day some more than 30 years ago in the form of tiny silver idols. We installed the idols of Lord Narayana and Goddess Sri Lakshmi on this day in a small wooden temple in our puja room on that day in 1984 or 85. From that day, each year, we are celebrating this day as the birthday of our God also besides celebrating the Republic Day.

So, January 26 is a very special day for me in both the cases.

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