Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram - 21- EtRa KalanGaL Edhirpongi - 05-01-2017

Nappinnai got awakened and opened the doors after the gopis along with Goda Devi pleased her with their praises and requests. Now, Nappinnai also joins with the gopis to awaken Lord Krishna from his sleep.

Thiruppavai Paasuram 21

Etra kalanGaL edhRpongi meedhaLippa
MaatRaadhE paal sorium vaLLal perum pasukkaL
AatRa padaiTTHaan magane! aRiuRaay
OotRam udaiyaay periyaay ulaginil
ThOtRamaay ninRa sudarE thuyilezhaay
Maatraar unakku vali tolaindhu unvaasaR kkaN
Atraadu vandhu unnadi paNiyumaa pOlE
POththiyaam vandhOm pugazhndhElOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this paasuram

Oh, Lord, the son of NandagOpan, whose innumerable, big cows pour milk incessantly even before the vessels get changed quickly and thus get overflowing! Please kindly get up.
Oh, Supreme being, Oh Lord! even though you have no limits in this universe and are unreachable, you have taken this human form for us, Oh, the effulgent streak of light! Please awaken.
Just as your enemies, who got defeated and made powerless, come to your house and stand up at your doorsteps in line,  we have come here singing your praise and glory. Kindly listen to our prayers.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 21

The in-depth meaning of this paasuram is too much complex to understand by us. It is based on some very highly spiritual knowledge. There are some deep explanations to be found on some of which I am providing here.

The phrase "maatRadhe paal sorium vaLLal perum pasukkaL" is interpreted as referring to the capabilities of brilliant disciples who are able to produce the knowledge derived by them from their previous teachers in exactly the same manner without changing anything in an incessant flow. Their knowledge spills out overflowing but nothing is changed or twisted that has been imparted by their Acharyas. Further, it is mentioned in the same website that "VaLLal perum pasukkaL" refers to the brilliant Acharyas who have been able to pass on the knowledge gained from their previous Acharyas as it is without changing anything. So, the knowledge that has been directly derived from God and Goddess are passed on from generation to generation through this ever-maintained chained relationship of brilliant teachers and brilliant disciples.

The passage "matRaar unakku vaLi tolaindhu un vaasaRkkaN" is interpreted as the gopis surrendering before Lord Krishna telling Him that they have left all their pride and ego (of thinking themselves as the most beautiful gopis after seeing His amazing beauty and virtuous qualities).

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