Monday, January 2, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram 19 - Kutthu viLakkeriya for 03-01-2017

When Andal praises Nappinnai (NeeLA) and reminds of the duties, she wakes up and wants to open the doors. But Krishna wants to open the door himself and so prevents her from going to the door. So, the gopis now appease both Krishna and Nappinnai again in this 19th paasuram.

Paasuram 19

Kutthu viLakkeRiya kOttukkaal kattil mEl
Metthaina panja sayanathin mEl ERi
Kotthalar pUngudal Nappinnai kongai mEl
Vaitthukidandha malar maarbaa vaay thiRavaay
Maththadan kaNNinaay nee un maNaaLanai
Etthanai pOdum thuyilezha vottaay kaaN
Etthanai yElum pirivaatRagillaayaal
ThatthuvamandRu thagavElor embaavaay

Outer, explicit literal meaning of this paasuram

Oh, Krishna, you are sleeping even when the lights are glowing beside the ivory bed, on the soft mattress (having all the five qualities of coolness, freshness, fragrance, softness, and filled with flowers) resting your broad chest on the lofty bosom of Nappinnai whose braid is adorned with fresh bunches of flowers. Oh, Krishna, please open your mouth (and answer to our calls).

Oh, Nappinnai, whose eyes are dark and wide as if decorated with collyrium lotion! Won't you allow your Lord to wake up even after so long duration to come to us? Won't you bear separation from Him even for a while? It is not just for you or noble on your part.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 19 

In this paasuram, Andal is referring to the Purushakaara element or nature of Nappinnai and reminds her of this nature and the other important point that Lord is not the possession of a single being. He belongs to all and He should attend to all his people's needs and calls.

The glowing lights refer to the knowledge imparted by teacher or Acharya.
The bed with its four legs refers to the four goals of life - Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.
The mattress is the five-headed serpent's ShEshatalpam or universe.
MaiththadamkaNNi means the best disciple of her Teacher as Nappinnai always has been close and dear to Lord.

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