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Thiruppavai Paasuram - 24 - Anru ivvulagam alandaay Dated 08/01/2017

In this paasuram, the gopis sing the praise of Lord in the style of PallAndu (mangaLaasaasanams) while Krishna wakes up and walks towards His throne accompanied by NeeLA Devi and gets seated on it.

Paasuram 24

AnRu ivvUlagam aLandAy adi pOtRi
SenRangu ththennilangai setRaay thiRal pOtRi
PonRa chchagadam uthaththaay pugazh pOtRi
Kanru kunilaaveRindaay kazhal pOtRi
Kunru kudeyaay eduththaay kuNam pOtRi
VenRu pagai kedukkum nin kayyil vEl pOtRi
EnRenRum un sEvagamE  Eththi paRai koLvAn
InRu yaam vandom irangElOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

During those days when the world was weeping due to atrocities of the demons, You took the step(s) (measuring the earth and sky with two steps and keeping the third foot on the head of Bali).
Again, those days, You took steps towards Lanka in the South with the arrows (to kill Ravana).
Then again, You kicked the wheel with force using these feet (to kill the SakatAsura demon in the form of a wheel).
You, again, flew a demon-calf towards another demon in the form of a tree, using amazing force with these feet, to kill both of them simultaneously.
You lifted the mountain Govardhana like an umbrella with such splendid awe using a finger (to protect your people and cattle from the anger of Indra).
Oh, Lord! You hold a spear in your hand that destroys all the enemies.
Glory to Thee, oh, Lord!
We have come here to offer our eternal services and to seek the gift of Parai from You. Oh, Lord, have mercy on us.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thirupaavai Paasuram 24

Goda Devi, in this paasuram, not only refers to the different styles of  Lord in killing the demons but also wanted to highlight the different gaits of Lord during His walk from His chamber towards the throne. A gait is a style of moving one's feet or legs while walking. She describes the different gaits of Lord which are exceptionally worthy of Him only. The gopis requested Lord to ascend His throne for listening to their prayers only because of this reason of getting the pleasure of viewing His majestic and beautiful gaits. After viewing this beautiful scenery, the gopis got overwhelmed with joy and praised the Lord with so many great deeds of Lord during different times and with shouts of "Glory to Thee".

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