Friday, January 6, 2017

Thiruppavai Paasuram 23- maari malai muzhanjil Dated 07-01-2017

Krishna gets awakened after the gopis accompanied with Nappinnai (NeeLa Devi) herself pleaded Him to awaken and heed to their requests. Now, the gopis request Him to come out of His bedding room and sit on the throne and listen to their prayers and grant them the gift of Parai.

Paasuram 23 

Maarimalai muZhanGil mannikkidandhu uRangum
Seeriya singam aRivutRu ththeeviLiththu
VERimayir ponga eppaadum pErundudhaRi
Moori nimirundhu muzhangippuRa pattu
POdarumA pOlE nee poovai poovaNNaa un
KOil ninRu iNGanE pOndharuLi kkOppudaiya
Seeriya singaasanaththu irundhu yaam vandha
Kaariyam aaraayndhu aruLElOr embaavaay

Literal, explicit meaning of this Paasuram

Just like the lion sleeping in a cave shudders its sleep with a loud roar, watching all around fiercely and erecting all its hair, and steps out of the cave majestically, Oh, Lord Krishna, possessing an enchanting hue of bluish complexion, please come out of your temple-like chamber and be seated on your majestic throne, throwing a blessing glance at us while passing by. Oh, Lord, may you, then, listen to the purpose of our coming to you and awakening you so early from your sleep.

Inner, in-depth meaning of this Thiruppavai Paasuram 23

It seems that Andal, here in this paasuram, wanted to elaborate the previous reference made by her to Lord Krishna as "Yasodhai iLam-singam" in her first paasuram. 
The attribute of iLam singam is derived from God,s form of Narasimha incarnation to save Prahlada and to punish the demon HiraNyakashipa. So, Krishna gets compared with Lord Narasimha in this paasuram and not the animal lion.

Andal indirectly refers to the AchAryAs and their awakened souls (JnAni and JnAnam) and wishes that they should always spread awareness and pave the path for ignorant people to be able to be gifted with His blessings. Nappinnai is one such path shower in Thiruppavai who aids the gopis in reaching Sri Krishna and get blessed by His grace. And, Andal herself is a great path shower to all of us as she gifted this Thiruppavai to us.

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