Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stop and Think- Whither We Are Going

The present daily life -style of most of we  people has become a show buzz. Full of materialistic and physical notions. We measure everything materialistically in terms of money, prestige, glamour and social status. No value for age, virtue and wisdom of the person.

All our actions are centered at one goal. How to make money and how to establish our position in society. All other values are set at rest  And to maintain your status, you try to earn more and more money, purchase more property and assets, adopt to latest fashion of clothes and to the so called modern and contemporary western culture and social habits. All this at the cost of your own culture and heritage.


But why all this race for money and status, fashion and glamour ? What will you get in all this pursuit? Instead of Tensions. You will always be racing for this and that and don't have time to rest or to enjoy it. Further, the more money the more tension in handling and managing it. You will be scared of losing it. You Can't have sleep and will be restless always. The same thing with status also. You always indulge in competition with your companions and look at them suspiciously. You can't be friendly with them and enjoy their company. You try to be aloof from them and become alone to maintain your status. You will be losing happiness and satisfaction in your family and circles. So this race for money and status or prestige in society are all causes of dissatisfaction, greed, anger, irritation and what not.

Desire for money makes you restless. You try to work overtimes and take-up more jobs. It will decrease your efficiency and deteriorate your health also. There by you develop mental tension and irritations in your family. You can not be happy and find fault with every body. More over, if you are indulging in false prestige and fashions and increasing your spending s which result in more demand for money and increased pressure and tension on you. Further you are spending on latest designs of clothes from western cultured markets which are too much costlier than our local indigenous products.Thus you are making yourself  financially over burdened. For this, you want to make more money and the quest for money never stops.

So, better You stop now and think of all this unnecessary extravaganza. Is all this hotchpotch necessary for us to survive in this world? Is it not enough, if we have enough money, shelter, food and clothe which are sufficient for our livelihood. Why unnecessary accumulations of wealth and property which will not come with you when you leave your body. Why give up your present happiness and mental peace for the sake of that false prestige and status?. Why not be satisfied with whatever you get that may be sufficient for you and your family's needs.

Instead of running for false prestige and fame, you may better try to think of the great heritage of our country, its culture, social, ethical and spirituals values. Why are you unaware of them or ignoring them? Why not take pains to understand those values and benefit from them.Instead of running behind the materialistic aspects and glamour of western culture, try to give some value to our own cultural and spiritual norms.

Indulging in mere materialistic values is not enough. It is only momentary and does not give you all that kind of satisfaction that you may get by understanding and following our ethical and spiritual values. All the money and social prestige that you long to acquire will not come with you when you leave this world. You can not carry it with you to the other world after death. Only your moral and spiritual values come with you at that time. So try to be moral, ethical and spiritual in all your actions.