Friday, November 9, 2012

Be Sensible- Don't Get Flown Away By Emotions

Sensibility means being rational and being conscious of whatever you are doing as-well-as keeping an awareness of others' feelings.

You must be aware of your surroundings whenever you do something or express something either through your words or actions. You must think of others around you and of the civilized society that you live in whenever you speak something or do something. You must be aware of the consequences and their reactions.

That is sensibility. Sensibility reflects your personality.

Sensibility is different from Sensitivity.

Sensitivity is being sensitive to your surroundings whereas Sensibility means being conscious of your surroundings during all your actions and deeds.

  • People are sensitive and emotional by birth. 
  • But Sensibility comes with maturity. 
  • Sensibility shows your level of maturity, your culture, and civilization.
  • Sensitivity shows your weakness or softness often.

Now, coming to the point of our present topic, some recent speeches and statements of our prominent personalities and their actions/reactions have prompted me to write this article. I may not want to take their names or disclose them but in general, I would like to draw their attention too to my topic. I wonder how could such prominent matured people ( maybe most people think them to be so ), could utter such insensible statements in our society and make irrelevant references which downgrade their personality.

Nowadays, politics has become the ground field of some insensible people.

Not a single day passes without some strike, some dharna, some group clash, etc.

Politics has spread every field. Schools, Colleges, Working places, Temples, Sports. All our neighborhood has got polluted with politics.

Everywhere there is the nasty habit of falling into groups and clashing with one another on irrelevant matters. The Twitter wars are good examples of this nasty habit.

All this is the result of insensibility of people. Insensibility leads to indulging in various undesirable acts and destructive mentalities.

Take the instance of our public and/or students participating in some rally for some cause like separate statehood for their region, or for expressing their resentment against the construction of a particular dam, or some other social or political cause. Instead of taking out their procession peacefully, they indulge in stone pelting at police and public properties like buses, shopping malls, etc. Is it not a sign of their insensibility and a lack of their reasoning power?

If they could think a while before indulging in such activities, they could have realized that they are destroying their own daily usage property and troubling their own people by doing so. They are hindering the normal functioning of schools and colleges, disrupting the transportation services which could affect the daily life of themselves, their children, friends and relatives and all their society. This is due to lack of sensibility.

Not only that. We often witness noisy scenes, abusive word usages and breaking of furniture, etc. on floors of our Parliament and Assembly sessions. One can observe how absurd our MPs and MLAs have become. Why do they lose their senses for the sake of a trivial matter? Why can't they behave in a matured manner? They could solve their differences in a peaceful way. By mere bench thumping, furniture breaking or violence creation, they can't get anything. It expresses only their insanity.

And, what about the social media platform? There also you can see how cheap and irrational these people are with their senseless tweets and hate messages.

All these things are clear examples of how much insensible we are becoming day-by-day.

So, I once again stress the need for sensibility in all our actions/deeds, speeches/writings and even in our clothing also.

Come, let us create a good atmosphere in our society through our rational, sensible, good cultured, and civilized behavior and activities.