Thursday, November 22, 2012

Log On To Your Soul, Do Not Neglect It

In our daily day-to-day life, we are running overburdened with too many activities due to which we often get irritated and stuck up with unwanted problems.

In our quest for material pleasures, we are only making ourselves more uncomfortable and more worried.

Why are we running behind wealth, position, and/or for the possession of a band of servants behind us?

Do you think all this will remain with you forever?  And it will be with you wherever you go?

No, not at all!

At some point in time, we will be noticing that all our wealth is of no use. Everything will be of zero value when such a situation arises.

No one will be able to solve his problems in-spite of all that enormous material wealth possessed by him. He might need some helping hand to solve any such problem and may be looking for help from God.

So why not wake up earlier?

In-spite of lamenting later, why not strengthen ourselves from now on?

Let us be more powerful with some spiritual wealth instead of running after that material possessions.

The real wealth that will be with you and come with you forever is your spirituality. It is the most reliable wealth which you should acquire and own.

That only can give you immense strength and eternal happiness. You can rely on this wealth with utmost confidence more than all your material possessions.

Now how to acquire this spiritual possession and develop intimacy with God?

For this purpose, you will have to log on to your soul.

Here, Soul is the Atman or the Spiritual Mind which is free of all material obstacles and attachments.

Lord Sri Krishna has said in Bhagavad Gita, again and again, that Soul or Atman has no beginning nor end. It is there before your birth and will be there after your death and will be the light showing you path in whichever form you are.

So log on to your soul. The password and key for getting entry into this Soul is Introspection.

  • You can enter into your soul or mind through your self-introspection. 
  • You make friend with your soul. You interact with it. 
  • Review all your actions performed till now. 
  • Discuss them with your Soul. Analyse them. 
  • Distinguish between right and wrong, correct and incorrect, matured and immature, sensible and insensible etc. 
  • Once you are able to analyze like this, it will be very clear to you how much foolish and ignorant you have been all these years.

You will come to realize that all this materialistic world is an illusion. It is alluring your senses and dragging you towards physical attachments and emotions. It is making you believe that you are the boss of all your actions.

Now, you gradually begin to introspect within yourself and gradually come to know that there is some spiritual power behind all your actions.

It prompts you to act.

It makes you perform a certain act in a certain way and not the other way.

It guides you each and every moment.

It is the spiritual mind or soul or the Atman whatever you may call it. It will guide you to the eternal peace and happiness that you can find nowhere else.