Monday, December 10, 2012

Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health - Is it A Mere Slogan?

In your daily life, you must have come across this slogan again and again.


Wherever you go, let it be cinema halls, malls, offices, buses, trains or any other public place, you are repeatedly reminded by these slogans and notices to recognize that cigarette smoking is a prohibited, bad practice as well as not good for your health.

But you never try to understand this.

Or, to put it otherwise, you do not want to understand or realize this fact as you do not like such bits of advice or morals being taught to you by people around you. You are in false prestige that you are your master and others are trying to degrade you by giving advice.

When you go to enjoy a movie along with your family or friends, you come across this slogan again and again in the movie whenever the characters are depicted to be smoking. But neither you nor your companions bother about this. In the interval you go out, take a round of smoke and return with some snacks for your partner and children. Neither you nor the others, whoever would have just returned back having a smoke, feel even a bit of guilt-consciousness. You simply continue watching the movie and many more glimpses of that unwarranted slogan. The same thing happens when you watch your favorite TV serials on your small screen.

You have become so accustomed to this slogan, that it never strikes you that it is applicable to you also. You may be feeling it is meant for others, who might be more dangerously smoking. Or else, you may be thinking this way also that since the law is forcing them to flash the slogan, so they are twinkling it again and again, and nothing more than that. So don't bother about it.

Dangers of Smoking

But, when will you be awakening? After smoking attacks your health? Or after some other one, whom you may be loving, is attacked by it?

  • Do you ever know that a burned cigarette produces thousands of chemicals? 
  • Whenever you put a cigarette in your mouth and inhale the smoke, hundreds of poisonous gases enter into your body and many of them tend to cause cancer in you. 
  • Further, you must remember that whenever you smoke, the smoke released will affect your companions also.
  • It is a clinically proven fact that cigarette smoking or tobacco causes cancer. It may be lung cancer, liver cancer or even kidney cancer.

Develop the Willpower to Quit Smoking

So, why do you spoil your life and the life of your neighbors with this bad habit of cigarette smoking?

Why don't you leave this bad habit and contribute to their health?

Why can't you leave it?

Think of your beloved ones and try to leave it for their sake.

It may be very hard to leave the habit in a single attempt. But, you can leave it step-by-step.

How to Quit Smoking

First, you reduce the number of cigarettes. If you are consuming six cigarettes a day, try to make it three or four in the first instance.

Make up your mind that you have to do this for the sake of your beloved ones. Control yourself with determination and try to divert your attention from it.

Make yourself a bit stubborn. Adopt some other alternate habits like having fruit juice, eating fruits, or something healthy with that money. Slowly, reduce the number to two, then only one, and Nil.

  • All that you need here is the willpower. The will to quit this smoking habit. 

  • The will to do something good for your beloved ones. 

  • The will to make them happy and healthy and thereby improving your health also. 

So, the next time when you go for purchasing a cigarette pack, please do think over the slogan on it, then think about your beloved ones ( some of them might be in the heaven also) and have some care for them. Then, you will definitely be able to leave this bad habit of smoking.

Nothing is hard or impossible. If you have the willpower and a sense of feeling for your beloved ones, you can definitely quit smoking.

Updated on 17/01/2014:

A link to a recent report published in The Washington Post dated 17/01/2014 on the dangers of smoking is given below.
Please copy the link to your browser to view the report by Senior Surgeon of US.

Another link: