Sunday, August 11, 2013

Obscenity and Indecency at Public Places and Within Society

I came across an article in the Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad edition reporting about a drunk couple indulging in kissing acts publicly during lunch at a hotel and fighting with the gentleman and the hotel staff objecting to it.

This may not be a single case of such indecent acts. There may be many more such cases of obscenity and indecency like embracing, lip locking and other such acts which occur daily at parks, cinema halls, buses and many more public places.

Normally, newly married couple and dating and co-living people always look for occasions to indulge in such acts. It is but common and natural to have such feelings of enjoying sex for any person especially when young in age.

  • Enjoying sex and love in itself is not an offense or a sin. 

  • But there should be some boundaries and limits for enjoying it.

  • Sex enjoyment is a private, normally closed-room affair. It should not be indulged into at public places. 
  • Public display of sexual activity is to be refrained from as it amounts to obscenity and indecency. Further, it can cast bad effects on children and teenagers.

You are living in a traditionally cultured society.

You should learn to respect people and relationships.

Acts of obscenity and indecency can tamper your relationships in your circles and society.

We are human beings and not animals.

Animals may not be able to control their instincts and do not have any moral standards. But even in them, sometimes we do find great discipline and decent behavior.

As human beings, we are empowered with more wisdom and the ability to discriminate between what is proper and improper according to circumstances. We possess the ability to control our emotions and instincts accordingly. So why can't we be more decent and ethical in our actions?

We can learn things by observing the behavior of our parents and other elders of our society.

You will notice how dignified their behavior is as compared to our present, modern, so-called civilized behavior.

So, what I would like to emphasize here is that we must not indulge in such acts which may project us as indecent and vulgar beings. It can be very much embarrassing to our elders and society.