Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day and True Independence - Are we Really Independent?

Today we are celebrating our 66th Independence Day. We boast of attaining independence on this 15th day of August 1947 and celebrate the occasion with great pleasure and showbiz.

We attend the flag hoisting functions and listen to our leaders boasting of our country's development and their elusive contributions with sweet promises of more development if they are voted to power.

We utter slogans of "Vande Mataram", "Bharat Mata ki Jai", "Jai Hind", etc. and clap hands at their speeches and return home or watch live telecasts of flag hoisting ceremonies and speeches of CMs, PM, and think we have done a lot of Desh Bhakti and feel our duty is over. But this is not enough for your independence

Where is our Independence? Are we Independent? 

Do we really have it in our real lives?

A look at our society shows how much independent we are.

  • There is so much of corruption, violence, terror, and crime all over the society. 
  • Public is not safe. 
  • There is always fear of danger to lives of innocents. 
  • Rapes are becoming common in spite of strict laws. 
  • Terrorists and anti-social elements are free to attack at any time and at anyplace. There is no control on them. 
  • Moreover, the public and public servants are not free to perform their duties safely and honestly. 
  • They get transferred or threatened very frequently for being honest. 
  • People are not free to work in their interested provinces. They are scared of politicians getting them evacuated to their native provinces on bifurcation of states. 
  • It appears as if the independence is more for the politicians and terrorists to act as per their wishes than for the common public
  • Corruption is deep rooted in our system.

Economically and politically also we are not of so much independent. We have lost the value of our currency and depend on foreign factors controlling our economy. Further, there are continuous insurgencies from neighboring countries of our borders and security of our people is at risk always.

So how can we proclaim to be independent in our real lives?

Simply delivering speeches or listening to speeches does not bring us independence.

We must act.

Each one of us must strive hard to bring real independence to our lives. Our leaders, administration, and the public also should evolve such procedures by implementing which we can feel ourselves to be really free to live with full freedom in our society without the fear of anybody or any factor under some preset moral and ethical norms of society.

Each one of us should be very sincere, honest and pure in our thoughts and actions and work together unselfishly for the betterment of our society and the country.

Only then can we proclaim to be really Independent.