Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stop and Think- Whither We Are Going

The present daily lifestyle of most of we people has become a show buzz. Full of materialistic and physical notions. We tend to measure everything materialistically in terms of money, prestige, glamour and social status. No value for age, virtue, and wisdom of the person.

All our actions are centered around one goal. How to make money and how to establish our position in the society. All other values are set at rest

And, to maintain your status, you try to earn more and more money, purchase more property and assets, adapt to latest fashion of clothes, and to the so-called modern and contemporary western culture and social habits. All this at the cost of your own culture and heritage.


You Need to Stop and Think

Why all this race for money, status, fashion, and glamour?

What will you get in all this pursuit? Instead of Tensions!

You will always be racing for this and that; and, don't have any time to rest or to enjoy it.

Further, the more money you earn, the more is the tension in handling and managing it.

You will be scared of losing it. You Can't have sleep and will be restless always.

The same thing with status also. You always indulge in competition with your companions and look at them suspiciously. You can't be friends with them and enjoy their company. You try to be aloof from them and become alone to maintain your status.

You will be losing happiness and satisfaction in your family and circles also.

This race for money and status or prestige in society are all causes of dissatisfaction, greed, anger, irritation, and what not.

The desire for money makes you restless. You try to work overtimes and take-up more jobs. It will decrease your efficiency and deteriorate your health also.

Thereby, you develop mental tensions and irritations in your family. You can not be happy and find fault with everybody.

Moreover, if you are indulging in false prestige and fashions and increasing your spending, it may result in more demand for money and increased pressure and tension on you.

Further, you are spending on latest designs of clothes from western-cultured markets which are too much costlier than your local indigenous products.

Thereby, you are making yourself financially overburdened. For this, you want to make more money and the quest for money never stops.

What to Do?

So, better You stop Now and Think of all this unnecessary extravaganza.

Is all this hotchpotch necessary for us to survive in this world?

Is it not enough, if we have enough money, shelter, food and clothe which are sufficient for our livelihood?

Why am I indulging in this unnecessary accumulations of wealth and property which will not come with me when I leave my body one day?

Why give up the present happiness and mental peace for the sake of that false prestige and status?

Why not keep satisfied with whatever I get that may be sufficient for myself and my family's needs.

Instead of running for false prestige and fame, you may better try to think of the great heritage of our country, its culture, its social, ethical, and spirituals values.

Why should I keep unaware of them or ignore them? Why not take pains to understand those values and benefit from them.

Instead of running behind the materialistic aspects and glamour of the foreign culture, try to give some value to our own cultural and spiritual norms.

Indulgence in materialistic life is not enough. It is only momentary and does not provide all that kind of satisfaction that you may get by understanding and be following the ethical and spiritual values of life.

We can not carry the material wealth and false prestige with us to the other world after death. Only the moral and spiritual values come with us at that time.

So, let us try to be moral, ethical, and spiritual also in all our thoughts and actions.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Think Twice Before You Pay Donations To Schools

Seeing the present atmosphere of admissions to educational institutions, one may have to think twice before having children. The increasing lust for convents education and the ever-increasing fees of these institutions throw a great burden on the parents and they are becoming scary. This, combined with the attitudes of some of those affluent class of people who are ready to throw away any amount of money to get a seat for their wardens, is worsening the case.

Gone have the days, when people used to get a quality education in the municipal or government-run schools and private institutions. Now our people have become crazy and exhibitionist. They think of their status and prestige and don't bother throwing away money. This mentality of our people is one of the reasons for all this present state of economic crisis that we are facing and unable to come out of it.

I don't think the need for such extravaganza!

Is there any lack of teaching skills in our society?

Or, the lack of educational schools and colleges in our country?

Why such mad rush and inflated demand for convent schemes?

Is there more quality in them than our ordinary educational institutions?

Where is the need for going on pushing their fee structures to the sky-heights?

Let us think reasonably. Assume you are establishing a convent school with education from LKG to Class V. What you want is 7 rooms for teaching, one room for Principal, one room for office and one more room for teachers to take lunch or spend leisure hours and the required furniture for these rooms.  Let us assume that furniture and other registration and permit for running school expenses are one-time expenditure which shall be recovered in a long run. Then, there is the monthly rent say 25000/-, salaries total of 50000/- roughly for total 10 persons including principal and other electricity, then sanitation, etc. say 5000/-?- The total monthly expense will come to around 80,000/- only.

Now, if there are 7 classes and 40 students in each class, and if you charge a monthly fee of Rs.300/- per student, the total fee receipts will be 84,000/-

So, all your expenses can be met with that fees receipts.

Now, you can charge slightly higher fees for the higher classes which will be your sole income. It will not burden the parents much.

From the above calculation, you can clearly see that there is no loss even if you are charging lower fees. The reimbursement of your one-time capital expenditure and other time-to-time expenses can also be recovered very easily by slightly adjusting the fee structure.

So, where is the need to pay huge amounts of fees and the need for larger donations? It is simply extravaganza.

The above is merely an example to show how you can calculate things and come to decisions before you act.

You can calculate in your own way and act. Any suggestions and comments are always welcome.

So, you better think twice or even thrice before making unnecessary large sums to your schools and colleges. It will only result in an inflation in the long run.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Log On To Your Soul, Do Not Neglect It

In our daily day-to-day life, we are running overburdened with too many activities due to which we often get irritated and stuck up with unwanted problems.

In our quest for material pleasures, we are only making ourselves more uncomfortable and more worried.

Why are we running behind wealth, position, and/or for the possession of a band of servants behind us?

Do you think all this will remain with you forever?  And it will be with you wherever you go?

No, not at all!

At some point in time, we will be noticing that all our wealth is of no use. Everything will be of zero value when such a situation arises.

No one will be able to solve his problems in-spite of all that enormous material wealth possessed by him. He might need some helping hand to solve any such problem and may be looking for help from God.

So why not wake up earlier?

In-spite of lamenting later, why not strengthen ourselves from now on?

Let us be more powerful with some spiritual wealth instead of running after that material possessions.

The real wealth that will be with you and come with you forever is your spirituality. It is the most reliable wealth which you should acquire and own.

That only can give you immense strength and eternal happiness. You can rely on this wealth with utmost confidence more than all your material possessions.

Now how to acquire this spiritual possession and develop intimacy with God?

For this purpose, you will have to log on to your soul.

Here, Soul is the Atman or the Spiritual Mind which is free of all material obstacles and attachments.

Lord Sri Krishna has said in Bhagavad Gita, again and again, that Soul or Atman has no beginning nor end. It is there before your birth and will be there after your death and will be the light showing you path in whichever form you are.

So log on to your soul. The password and key for getting entry into this Soul is Introspection.

  • You can enter into your soul or mind through your self-introspection. 
  • You make friend with your soul. You interact with it. 
  • Review all your actions performed till now. 
  • Discuss them with your Soul. Analyse them. 
  • Distinguish between right and wrong, correct and incorrect, matured and immature, sensible and insensible etc. 
  • Once you are able to analyze like this, it will be very clear to you how much foolish and ignorant you have been all these years.

You will come to realize that all this materialistic world is an illusion. It is alluring your senses and dragging you towards physical attachments and emotions. It is making you believe that you are the boss of all your actions.

Now, you gradually begin to introspect within yourself and gradually come to know that there is some spiritual power behind all your actions.

It prompts you to act.

It makes you perform a certain act in a certain way and not the other way.

It guides you each and every moment.

It is the spiritual mind or soul or the Atman whatever you may call it. It will guide you to the eternal peace and happiness that you can find nowhere else.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Be Sensible- Don't Get Flown Away By Emotions

Sensibility means being rational and being conscious of whatever you are doing as-well-as keeping an awareness of others' feelings.

You must be aware of your surroundings whenever you do something or express something either through your words or actions. You must think of others around you and of the civilized society that you live in whenever you speak something or do something. You must be aware of the consequences and their reactions.

That is sensibility. Sensibility reflects your personality.

Sensibility is different from Sensitivity.

Sensitivity is being sensitive to your surroundings whereas Sensibility means being conscious of your surroundings during all your actions and deeds.

  • People are sensitive and emotional by birth. 
  • But Sensibility comes with maturity. 
  • Sensibility shows your level of maturity, your culture, and civilization.
  • Sensitivity shows your weakness or softness often.

Now, coming to the point of our present topic, some recent speeches and statements of our prominent personalities and their actions/reactions have prompted me to write this article. I may not want to take their names or disclose them but in general, I would like to draw their attention too to my topic. I wonder how could such prominent matured people ( maybe most people think them to be so ), could utter such insensible statements in our society and make irrelevant references which downgrade their personality.

Nowadays, politics has become the ground field of some insensible people.

Not a single day passes without some strike, some dharna, some group clash, etc.

Politics has spread every field. Schools, Colleges, Working places, Temples, Sports. All our neighborhood has got polluted with politics.

Everywhere there is the nasty habit of falling into groups and clashing with one another on irrelevant matters. The Twitter wars are good examples of this nasty habit.

All this is the result of insensibility of people. Insensibility leads to indulging in various undesirable acts and destructive mentalities.

Take the instance of our public and/or students participating in some rally for some cause like separate statehood for their region, or for expressing their resentment against the construction of a particular dam, or some other social or political cause. Instead of taking out their procession peacefully, they indulge in stone pelting at police and public properties like buses, shopping malls, etc. Is it not a sign of their insensibility and a lack of their reasoning power?

If they could think a while before indulging in such activities, they could have realized that they are destroying their own daily usage property and troubling their own people by doing so. They are hindering the normal functioning of schools and colleges, disrupting the transportation services which could affect the daily life of themselves, their children, friends and relatives and all their society. This is due to lack of sensibility.

Not only that. We often witness noisy scenes, abusive word usages and breaking of furniture, etc. on floors of our Parliament and Assembly sessions. One can observe how absurd our MPs and MLAs have become. Why do they lose their senses for the sake of a trivial matter? Why can't they behave in a matured manner? They could solve their differences in a peaceful way. By mere bench thumping, furniture breaking or violence creation, they can't get anything. It expresses only their insanity.

And, what about the social media platform? There also you can see how cheap and irrational these people are with their senseless tweets and hate messages.

All these things are clear examples of how much insensible we are becoming day-by-day.

So, I once again stress the need for sensibility in all our actions/deeds, speeches/writings and even in our clothing also.

Come, let us create a good atmosphere in our society through our rational, sensible, good cultured, and civilized behavior and activities.