Saturday, September 2, 2017

Noise Pollution - Please Be More Humane - Tips for Noise Prevention

Don't you think it is time to speak out?

How can we bear all this nonsense when it is affecting our day to day life? Are we free to enjoy our lives peacefully and happily amidst such a deafening noise? It makes your heart beat violently being held up imprisoned in such an inescapable situation of pounding noise. All those marriage processions, processions of Gods during dispersal after worship ( carried for nimajjanam). The people beating drums and playing tens of violent musical instruments, dancing in a very rude and uncivilized manner. I think you will definitely visualize the scenario of Hell if you are present nearby.

Why such unnecessary processions and wastage of money?

It is very silly and meaningless practice to take the procession of the bridegroom along the whole streets for such a lengthy period of time trapping him in such violent atmosphere. 

Experience how tired he will get on completion of that procession looking for some respite. He could not even enjoy his marriage happily in such a mood.

What about those Gods who are taken on processions. Do you feel they will be happy?
They will also be restlessly waiting for their freedom from your clutches. He will only need your love from the heart and not this kind of deafening noise and vulgar dances.

The People

Please celebrate all your celebrations more sensibly and humanely.

Be aware that the celebration is only for you and your family circles. It is not for the people around you.

Nobody likes disturbance to his private life and happiness.

You have no right to deprive the people of their basic rights of peace and happiness. They like a good sleep and good atmosphere.

It is absurd if you are taking processions in the entire colony and create chaos in lives.

Limit it to your own smallest area with no deafening noises.

Do not spend millions of wasteful money on irrational celebrations and activities.

You can use that money in feeding deprived people.

The Government/ Police

It is the duty of our government and the Police Department to ensure a peaceful, happy environment for its citizens.

The Government should make necessary prudent laws to prevent people from encroaching upon others' lives so that they can live in a peaceful atmosphere.

The Police should enforce the laws sincerely without any exceptions to ascertain peaceful atmosphere in the colonies of their jurisdiction.

Fix certain sound levels that are bearable and also the hours of all such celebrations. No night time loud-speakers should be allowed. Not even at the cost of paying some penalty.

Come, Let us Make it a Beautiful World to Live in!

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