Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Anti-Tobacco Campaign | Tobacco Prevention Camps

The other day, I went to a movie and was much disturbed at the way they are presenting the anti-tobacco advertisements. These are being done too much horrifically and more frequently even on TV sets with no actual positive results obtained from them. I rather say it is a sheer wastage of money that could have been invested in Tobacco Rehabilitation Camps.

Nowadays, it seems as if there is a lot of great useless and fruitless activity among these so-called public health campaigners trying to portray the ill effects of tobacco consumption by putting up very frightening and scary images of the body parts that get rotten by this killer habit of the people in our society. The campaigners think, as per my perception, that by focusing on scary to scariest images of the affected organs so as to frighten the people as much as they can, will definitely prohibit those addicts from consuming tobacco. I pity their unfruitful efforts and at their ignorance of the mentality of those victims of tobacco who never care for their destruction.

In my opinion, the victims turn to these unhealthy habits of eating or smoking tobacco as a solace to their wretched conditions in life. They want to get rid of the mental agony and physical torture being experienced by them in their everyday lives due to the lack of money, lack of a status in the society, lack of basic needs or amenities necessary for their livelihood, lack of happiness in life, etc. This addiction may be providing them some immediate relief by forgetting all those daily chores of life, taking them to some peaceful state. So, whatsoever you may try to scare them by narrating all those bad effects of their addiction through dreadful images and campaigns, they will never listen to you nor quit those habits.

How to Prevent Tobacco Addiction
I think that tobacco prevention can be fruitfully done if we can organize anti-tobacco camps and customer-care centers in all the corners of the world instead of mere promotion of campaigns displaying those useless images and slogans on the bad effects of tobacco consumption. Awareness regarding healthy practices should be imparted through school education itself to our youngsters. A suitable syllabus can be introduced at the primary and high-school stages.

The following measures can be of much help in tackling with the tobacco-addicted people.

  • Establish free camps in cities, towns, and villages with well-trained staff who are able to communicate with people very nicely and influence them towards quitting tobacco.
  • The Doctors and staff should talk to the customers and impress them with their friendliness and sweet talk.
  • Provide regularly daily free consultancy to those coming to them for help. 
  • Both the Guardians and the patients should also be involved in those discourses and treatments.
  • Use both vocal guidance and medication during treatment.
  • Your approach should be always constructive. Educate them instead of making them scared of the consequences of their bad habits or not listening to their advice.
  • The Budget spent on advertisement campaigns should be used for this purpose by adding more funds through public contributions and donations obtained for such human welfare activities.

Do not Waste Money on Useless Advertisement Campaigns
So, better stop all that useless nonsense and consider this kind of approach to deal with the situation. Spend the money for their real welfare instead of wasting it with no results obtained. Our great visionary can think of some more good ways of implementing anti-tobacco campaigns. So, the government and all welfare organizations should consider this very tiny piece of advice from me and act in a better way for the sake of our human welfare.

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