Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Controversial BBC Documentary - "India's Daughter" - What needs to be Done?

The film produced by BBC with Director Leslee Udwin's sensational documentation of the December 16 rape incident at Delhi that has been aired two days back and watched by millions of people all over the world has become a hot topic in all corners - some of them condemning the documentation whereas others supporting the film as an eye opener; with a few remaining indifferent.

There's much debate regarding the naming of the document also. Some say the title of the film should not be "India's Daughter", it should have been named "India's Rapist" as it presents the views of a rapist. They are of the fear that the views of that rapist and of the two lawyers fighting for the accused rapists may be assumed by the world as the views of the common Indian and thereby India's image may get tarnished.

Permission to Film a Document on December 16 Rape Incident

It is quite astonishing to note that this documentary has been on cards since more than two years back when the permission to film it and a no objection letter was issued to the Tihar Jail authorities by the then government. Nothing has been done at that time to prevent its making and now they are raising voices and issuing ban orders to the media and channel operators and the BBC.

Now, they think that it is a shame for India and a shame for our women and so trying to ban the telecast of it. They do not realize the fact that the story of rape has already reached every corner of the world through media immediately after the occurrence of the incident on December 16, 2012. All the damage that has to occur to our image has already occurred within those few days itself. Nothing worst can happen now with the airing of this documentary.

Focus Given on Rapist As if Glorifying His Act

As per media sources, the documentary has been made with a good intention to bring awareness to people by letting them know whatever has occurred on that dark night and how horrible the mentality was, and even now is, of those perverted culprits. It reveals to us how heinous was their mentality, culture, and the thinking attitude.

Even though I have not viewed the video, I have gone through the media reports and comments of the viewers of that film on Youtube and other news feeds, and can see that most of them are not seeing anything objectionable in it, except the fact that the convict has been given voice and importance even after committing such a heinous crime.

Irresponsible and Careless Attitude of Administration

The main point may be why it has been allowed to be made at all. What was the motive of the maker of the documentary? And what was the reason for allowing it to be made? Why the director has been allowed to interview the convict and shoot the video? Whatever happened has happened. You can't revert the action. It should have been thought before giving permission itself.

Now, banning the telecast is not a solution also. It will not prevent the crimes on women or change the attitudes of men by imposing a simple ban on screening it. It may rather turn the whole thing suspicious. The world may begin to think negatively.

Why they are banning it? What is there in it that they want to hide from the public? Is there no freedom of speech or communication in India? And many more doubts will arise.

Bring Change in the Mentality of Perverted People

  • Instead of concentrating our attention on banning of the BBC documentary Nirbhaya, we should try to reform our society and its mental attitude.
  • Take the case of the attitude of this convict. How perverted and degraded are his attitudes? He considers woman as an object and a household thing and as his property. He can do whatever he wants with her and she should concede to him. We should change this kind of attitudes.
  • Take the case of the lawyer. He thinks that a daughter has no freedom to go out of the house in the evenings and late hours. And he has the right even to kill her when she brings shame to him and his family. This thinking should change. The legal mentality needs a purification of the soul and mind.
  • We can not stop an act after it is committed. It needs to be prevented before it gets committed.
  • We need to bring awareness by educating people on morals and ethics and human values.
  • You should try to change the attitude as and when you see a diversion in it.
  • We move among people and with people. We can know their thoughts and actions according to their moves and habits. So, you have plenty of opportunities to guide them towards right directions at the right moment.
  • If a friend or person talks abusively about a woman or girl, immediately correct him and educate him.
  • Teach people to regard all women either as mothers or sisters and nothing less than that. No sexual thought should arise about them. Consider it as a sin.
So, enough is enough.

Let us start from today onwards to follow these lessons and create a beautiful, crime-free, ideal society where man and woman are equal and respect each other.

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