Thursday, January 15, 2015

Peeing at Public Places? Your "Big Brother" is Watching

Yes. Be careful!

Our "Big Brother" is watching you. He will not spare you, wherever you are, peeing at public places. He will catch you red-handed in your spree with his camera and immediately let the whole world know about your act. He is not bothered by your whatever problems and helplessness.

He will catch you in the remotest of the remotest corner to dismay you and enjoy the occasion.

You might be unable to control your urgency.

You might be unable to find any public urinal point in-spite of your great search.

And, at last, with no other option, you had to get to a very remote place where nobody is in your visibility and which is not on the main route of the public.

You might be very honest in finding the remotest place to meet the urgency and you might not be willing to do the act but unable to resist.

So you will sleekly begin releasing yourself taking God's name.

But, you, poor chap!

Without your knowledge, you might have been captured on a camera by the Big Brother.

For some glimpses, see these links to know how they are working:

Reasons For Peeing in Open or At Public Places

There are many reasons for the acts of people peeing at public places - both unavoidable and avoidable. Let us look at those reasons.

Unavoidable Reasons for Peeing
  • You have to travel long distances to reach destinations and feel the need to relieve yourself.
  • No toilets are available during your journey.
  • If, any available, they are too far for you to reach.
  • Health problems cause frequent urge to pee.
  • Winter cold atmosphere makes you unable to control the urge.

Avoidable Reasons for Peeing

  • Lack of civic sense.
  • Lack of awareness about hygienic life.
  • Careless attitude.
  • Not meeting urge before starting a journey.

What About The Big Brother?

Does the Big Brother think of these issues, while he is clicking the photos?

Does he care for those unavoidable and uncontrollable circumstances that lead to their behavior?

No, he is simply interested in clicking and getting it published for some self-interests.

He can not think of addressing their problems. What has he done to solve their problems or provide them awareness? On the reverse side, he is humiliating them by publishing the acts. Not aiding to solve the issues. Only complicating the problem.

People like me can control urges and hold it for 4, 5 hours.

But, I am worried for those who are unable to do so. What else can they do?

What About Our Administration?

If anything happens, the first thing administration thinks of is to impose fines and erect banners warning not to urinate there.

But where should he go?

Does the administration provide any proper alternatives?

Can they provide toilets at each half-a-kilometer distance to meet their needs?

Until they can provide such alternative arrangement, they have no morality to restrict people.

Even though this problem may be very serious from the health and the civilization point of view.

Some Tips to Public to Avoid Peeing at Public Places

  1. Visit your bathroom before starting your journey.
  2. Avoid drinking water before starting, especially in winter and rainy seasons. You can have it on reaching your destiny.
  3. Try to relieve yourself on the way when you find a toilet, even though you may not feel the urge.
  4. Practice controlling to hold the urge till you reach your destination. It can be of much help to you always.
  5. And, the more important advice is not to release yourself at dirty and unhygienic places. It is more dangerous as you can contact diseases. Often, people think it is already rubbish there and so nobody will object to your releasing there. But you are endangering yourself by doing so.
Advice to Big Brothers and Media

Try to solve the problem instead of running behind helpless people peeing at public places to make them dismayed.

If you can, give some awareness to the person about hygienic habits and how to face the situations.

Put up the issues before the administration instead of troubling people. 

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