Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tobacco Kills

Tobacco and Cigarette are very dangerous to health. In spite of the thousands of cases witnessed in our everyday lives, people are simply ignoring the fact and continuing their addiction to this life-taking habit. I am very much concerned and agitated at the thought of the bad consequences waiting for them.

Why don't you, indulging in such habits, try to understand the hazards and the consequences you might have to face if you continue your stubborn attitude like this?

  • You must be coming across the warning "cigarette smoking is injurious to health" or the other one that tells "tobacco kills" many times in your life.
  • As it is a very serious matter to be concentrated, especially if you are a chain smoker or going for smoke many times in a day, it is now time to think over the matter and look for reducing the smoking habit and finally quit it.
  • It may be difficult to make up your mind.
  • But you must think of your family members and your dear and near ones if you love them truly and honestly.
  • Whenever you go for purchasing these things, the thought of your family should strike your mind and heart. You must control yourself for their sake.
  • Can't you sacrifice something for your loved ones?
  • You are being asked only to leave this bad and harmful habit for their sake. Not to sacrifice your life.
  • You must take it seriously and not a joke. The warning is not for simple awareness but for serious contemplation. So Quit Smoking before it is late.
In spite of the many awareness programs and advertisements regarding the bad effects of smoking, people are going on continuing this practice and there are many more new entrants every day according to the statistics, even though some people are quitting also.

Do you ever know that a burned cigarette produces thousands of chemicals and some of them very poisonous? And when you put it into your mouth and inhale the smoke, hundreds of poisonous gases enter into your body causing much damage to your throat, lungs and the whole system of your body?

It is a scientifically proven fact that the smoke inhaled from the burned cigarette contains many poisonous agents that pass into your lungs such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, the carcinogen and even radioactive metals that stick to your cells- all these causing cancers and many other deadly complications in your body.

The following links can give you a detailed report of the hazards of smoking recently confirmed by US Surgeon General and other researchers,

Do you know that smoking is injurious not only to you but to your near and dear ones also? Whenever you smoke and release the coils into the air it spreads around your vicinity in your homes and at outside places and it may enter into the bodies of your family members and friends thus causing injury to them. You must have come across this fact in the above-linked reports of medical experts.

Many types of research have shown that radiation also plays an important role in causing cancer to tobacco consumers. Radiation is the result of fertilizers used by tobacco growers to increase production. This radiation of tobacco leaves produces radionuclide and radium which is more dangerous as per American researchers. Here is a link to the articles dealing with this fact published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

I once again stress the need for re-thinking on this need for quitting smoking. Why this unhealthy habit? It only sucks your health and money. You can have some healthy food and fruits etc. with this money and build up your health instead of deteriorating it and that of your near and dear ones.

Next time, when you go for lighting a cigarette think of the warning seriously. Even though it may be a simple slogan for the manufacturers of tobacco products so that they can sell those products, it is not so for you. It is a very serious matter that may cost your life and create problems for your family.

So wake up and do something before "Tobacco Kills".

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