Saturday, November 30, 2013

Playing Football for A Healthy Life

Football or Soccer is a very useful way of keeping your body and mind fit and healthy.

Many Scientists and Doctors have found and established the fact that people playing football are more healthy and cheerful than others who do not play.

Many types of research have shown that football game keeps your body fit and prolongs your healthy lifespan and you will be less prone to sickness.

Further, you will become more social and active and be able to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Not only for those who play it but also for those who simply watch this game and enjoy it by jumping, shouting and getting excited at each kick of the ball thereby boosting the morale of players, they also can benefit much from the game both physically and mentally.

It is very easy to play football. Even if you are alone, you can practice kicking the ball and landing into a goal. It needs only a ball and no more kits. You can play it in your courtyard, backyard, on the streets, in front of your house, or in a playground, wherever there is space as per your feasibility.

Play the game by keeping some stones or marks for your goal point.

Benefits of Playing Football / Soccer 

  • Football is an outdoor game. Naturally, you receive sunlight and fresh air to your body. Sunlight is very important for our skin and body. Vitamin D is produced in our body with the help of this sunlight which is a very important element for our energy and growth.
  • It is a very good exercise for the body as you walk, run and kick the ball continuously while playing and there is movement in all parts of your body. Your blood circulation keeps perfect due to these continuous movements.
  • There is a lot of exertion in your body which in turn burns the fat and excess calories in your body and thus keeps your body very fit and slim.
  • Your body builds up very smart and attractive with good muscles and flat belly.
  • While playing with friends, you enjoy the game and feel very happy and fresh thereby become free from stress which again is good for health.
  • Your concentration power also gets improved as your attention gets centered on controlling and safeguarding the hold of the ball and cleverly making way towards the goal escaping from your opponents. 
  • It creates and develops self-discipline and endurance within you.
  • Another plus point is playing football matches can build a healthy team spirit and good coordination among the players.
  • You get exposed to people and feel free in interacting with them and thereby become more social and more comfortable under any circumstances.
  • You can develop self-confidence and self-esteem and be able to face any situation smartly and bravely without any stage-fear.
Precautions While Playing Soccer/ Football
  • Do not overdo any fitness exercise. 
  • Overplaying beyond your capacity may harm you. Your body may become very weak and you may even faint if you play excessively. 
  • Stop playing if you experience much sweating and breathing problems or pain in legs and body.
  • Keep some food drink or juice with you while playing football matches for long durations so that you can rehydrate your body and remove exertion.
  • Protect yourself from the ball hitting your head or other sensitive parts of your body. 
  • If you get hurt, have medication and medical check-up, if necessary, immediately.

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