Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where Our Indian Culture is Heading Towards?

Nowadays there is much talk of surrogacy, unmarried couple, and live-in relationships in our Indian Society.

People are tending towards enjoying life without undergoing the binding process of marriage or honest relationships.

And, surprisingly enough, the enactment of laws is also being considered to safeguard such relationships instead of discouraging such things and protect our Indian culture.

Today only, I have come across a news item in the Hyderabad edition of Deccan Chronicle which points out that our Union ministry for Women and Child Development has proposed allowing of surrogacy to all.

It proposed that ''the health ministry allow surrogacy to everyone, including unmarried couples and those in live-in relationships''. It also stressed the need for adequate compensation and cash aid to surrogate mothers.

I wonder what all this is going to result in.

While surrogacy can be acceptable in some rare extreme cases, other things like the unmarried couple and the live-in relationships giving birth to children senses very awkwardly.

When children are not born due to some unavoidable and incurable circumstances, a married couple can opt for surrogate babies or test tube babies. This is because they should also enjoy the pleasure of having children and also due to the reason that they should have some support at their old age to look after their needs.

But surrogacy should not be allowed for more than one or two children in such cases also. This method of having children should not be abused. Otherwise, it will tarnish the very definition of motherhood which is the divinely characteristic attribute of a woman.

Regarding unmarried couple and live-in relationships, I do not understand the need for such things at all.

Why and how can anybody think of having sexual enjoyment without getting married?

Is it not a sin to think so?

How can the moral conscience allow anybody to do this?

Don't you hesitate and feel fear in doing so? Are you not guilty of betraying your parents and relatives by thinking about such things?

Does it not tend to spoil your younger generations? It will further affect your mental and physical health conditions and make you very weak and unable to control yourself.

Some people try to drag the relationship of Radha and Krishna as similar to a live-in relationship and thereby tarnish their divine image. But it is only the ignorance of such people. They can not understand such divine relationships between God and His devotee.

Such people should know that the Radha-Krishna relationship is a very pure and chaste divinely relationship of two atmas or souls. There is no physical sexual notion at all here. It is the unification of Atma and Paramatma beyond all earthly pleasures of life. So do not try to compare their relationship as a mere physical bodily relationship.

So, live-in relationships should be maintained only on moral and mental relationships.You can maintain healthy friendships and spend closely with your friend sharing all your knowledge and interests and tastes very joyfully. When you like each other, you may begin to love each other and even then only mentally you share your love. But there should be no word of sex.

If sex is to be there, you should get married to enjoy it. But not until then. And, once married, you should live bound together throughout your entire life. No divorces.

Sexual relationship should not be confined to a merely bodily relation. It should be clubbed with the spiritual relationship between two souls. Not a simple union of bodies but also as the unification of souls. You give some divinely touch to sex. Only when both body and soul unite you get eternal satisfaction from it. You derive it when both body and mind are pure. It also acquires the blessings of your elders and society and the Almighty God.

So, let not the thoughts of sexual indulgence enter into your mind before marriage.

It is only a weakness of the human being just like the smoking habit or the consumption of alcohol. That tendency needs to be controlled. We should learn to adore friendships with moral and ethical values of life and should not tarnish the image of our society.

Live a healthy moral life and preserve your Indian culture and heritage untarnished and be a pride for your family and society.

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