Monday, January 21, 2013

Men and Morality | The Need for Morality

Man is Human by Nature

Humanness is attributed to the possession of the qualities of thinking ability, interaction, care for others, sense of feeling and attachment, etc. Humanity as a whole refers to people having all these qualities.

So, humanity is a synonym for a collection of people with all these human attributes of love, care, reasoning power, emotions, social activity and interaction, morality, etc.

Morality is generally meant to refer to the good character of human beings. Generally, we refer to a person as moral if he possesses all those good qualities such as honesty, sympathy, love, kindness, chastity, etc. And, a person is immoral if he does not have these qualities.

But, a logical definition of morality does not refer to his being good or bad.

It refers to the character of an individual in a society.

The Significance of Morality or Moral Values 

Man lives not alone but in a company. There are so many people around him and he can not ignore them. He needs to interact with them very frequently. He can't live alone without others. Neither can he restrain from the action.

  • To live, man has to act. 
  • When he acts, his actions affect other people around him. 
  • It can result either in a good or bad effect. 
  • His action may disturb other person's life or living conditions. 
  • So, he needs to act prudently so as not to disturb other person's life. 
  • Here, the aspect of morality enters into the field of his people or the society.

Obligations of Man as a Member of Society

Because you are a part of society, you have some obligations on your part.

  • If you are to live and let others live, you have to set forth some moral values within you. 
  • You should think before you act in terms of any hurdles being caused to your surrounding people. 
  • You must care for their peaceful life without any disturbances being caused by your acts.
  • You need to act in such a way that you may want other people also to follow while they act.

Right to Freedom is Not Your Exclusive Right

One may think that he is free to do anything under the right to freedom.

But, right to freedom is not for you alone. It applies as equally to all.

Each one has his own right to freedom.

So, you must not enter into his field of freedom.

If everyone has to enjoy his own right to freedom there must be some adjustment among people.

And this adjustment is through some code of conduct on ethics and moral values of the society.

The Need for Morality

So, you can realize from the above arguments, the need for Ethics and Morality arises if you have to live in the society.

So, let us maintain a reasonable moral character.

Give and take respect.

Maintain one's own faiths and beliefs but respect others' faiths and beliefs also.

Don't hurt their feelings either by speech or actions.

Keep your self and your family safe and, at the same time, provide safety and protection to others also.

Make your society tension free and a better place to live in.