Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cricket After Sachin Tendulkar's Retirement

There is much talk about Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from cricket in November 2012. This is a very bad news for cricket loving fans. And especially for those who are his great fans and adore him very much. He is one of the world's greatest cricketers of history and contemporary period and our greatest hero. We are so much emotionally attached with his cricket that we are unable to think of Indian cricket without him.

We watched his strokes of fours and sixes so emotionally and anxiously that we even stop taking breath while his bat meets the ball. He has hit such wonderful shots. His strokes have always been well planned and very smart ones. Even the greatest bowler was afraid of his strokes and whatever tricks they employed in bowling they were unable to beat him.

Whenever he plays, the stadiums were over crowded and those watching on TV's were sticken to their sets. His fans were so much emotional and watched his game as if they are playing the game. He has achieved so many records in such a tender age that no other has achieved. It is very disappointing that he is retiring now. He is only 39 years old and we hope he can play for some more years.

Now, if he retires what will be the future of Indian cricket we can not say definitely. But there is the saying that nothing stops because of ones exit. Cricket will continue to be played and watched even after his retirement with same  emotion and anxiety. But, perhaps most of his fans may not find that much interest in the game for some period. Perhaps such brilliant strokes may not be there. The shouts of "Sachin", "Sachin" will not be there of which we have become accustomed to. Even the bowlers of other countries may not find so much enjoyment and anxiety as they felt during their bowling to Sachin.

But we should not be as much worried about cricket's future as some of us are worrying because there are still good strikers in our teams and may be they take the reins ahead and don't leave us disappointed. We shall hope for good.